New Flour Sifters

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New Sifters

We have recently completed an installation of three new sifters on site which took ten days to install and over a year of planning.

The long awaited recent installation of three new flour sifters allows us to raise production levels. This job was a huge task for our production and milling staff as over 150 pipes had to be disassembled and reassembled to fit around the new machinery on the top floor. The 40 year old sifters had to be cut into sizeable pieces to be winched down the four floors, this meant that we had to cut into the floors to move the machinery down.  The new machinery was stripped and reassembled once all the parts were on the correct floor. The project took ten days as scheduled in which our mill was shut down for that duration.

It was a tense moment to see the mill start up again last Thursday, as anything could have gone wrong. Fortunately all machines are now on full capacity and working perfectly.

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