Christmas Bazaar

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2015 Christmas Bazaar

The Christmas Bazaar was held on Saturday 28th November which saw 80 people passing through our Mill on the tours and at least another 20 just went to shop. Hard work was made by everyone involved to make it successful as it was.

Visitors got to enjoy freshly baked quiches, chocolate shortbreads, mince pies and many other treats, that were baked on site in our test bakery.

We had seven 45 minute tours, that allowed people to gain an insight into the process of flour production as well as the history of the company and how FWP Matthews has developed. With the recent new sifter development a week prior to the tours, all tour groups got to see the new machines at work.

Overall the Bazaar was a great success and hope that everyone enjoyed the day, we hope to see familiar faces next year.

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