Top Flour Picks For Professional Bakers

Matthews Cotswold Flour are dedicated to helping new and growing bakers enhance their bakery businesses and develop their offering. With over 60 types of flour and bread mixes on offer the possibilities are endless.

Mix and match with our range of 16KG sacks delivered direct to your door. Looking for trade delivery prices? Follow the button below. 

Micro Bakers and Artisan Bakeries

We supply and support Britain’s up and coming new bakers and the best artisan bakeries from Scotland to Penzance. If you are looking to start your new bakery or try something new for your bakery, or simply would like to know more about any of our products we would love to help, please get in touch here.

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Meet Our Technical Baker

Looking to develop a new product or would like some baking support? Please get in touch.
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Matthews Cotswold Flour mill has been milling in the heart of the Cotswold Hills for over 100 years. Paul and son Bertie Matthews, the 5th & 6th generation, continue the family tradition.


Matthews Flour is a proud certified organic flour miller since the 90s. We can produce our range using organic grain and mill using organic methods.


Our modern packing plan can pack out in 1kg, 1.5Kg, 5kg, 10kg, 16kg and 25kg bags.


At Matthews we still use traditional Stoneground milling as an authentic healthy way of producing great baking flour. Check out our product page and search for Stoneground flour.
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We mix and blend some of our best selling artisan flour using our mixing and blending plant. We can blend ambient dry products to continue providing something new for any baker.


At Matthews we test our flour in our in house bakery, ensuring that all our flour is of consistent quality.  You are welcome to come and use the bakery to test your flour for the perfect bake.

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