The Big Festival 2015

The annual three day festival, hosted by Jamie Oliver and Alex James, was an eventful weekend. With a huge turnout from all parts of the country to experience the vast array of high quality foods from variety of local providers.

Back in April the Royal Agricultural University and the Fabulous Bakin Boys idea was to plant their own seeds in an area where the Big Feastival would take place as part of the RAU wheat project. In the hope that just over 6 months we would have some spring wheat to use to make flat bread.

On the morning of the 29th we had a tent sandwiched in between Hobbs House bakery stand and the royal agricultural area ready for the army of children to sign up for the three day activity. Consisting of picking, cutting, grinding the wheat to produce lovely flat bread at the Hobbs House area, led by “Fabulous Bakin” boy, Herbert.

By teaming up with the University and the Fabulous Bakin Boys the weekend was a huge success. With it being educational for the school children with Matthews even getting a chance in front of the promotional cameras whilst Jamie Oliver and Alex James walked around watching the events take place.

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