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Elaine’s Enriched Foodbod Master Recipe Sourdough

Notes from Elaine:

I’m so excited about this post, I’ve really enjoyed making and testing these loaves… I hope you like it too!

Every bread in this post has been made using my master recipe to create enriched doughs and loaves… they’re beautiful and shiny and they smell amazing; the texture of the bread is light, soft, not too rich, not too sweet, and with a hint of our joyful sourdough flavour… I’ve played with flours and shapes and pans, and have had great fun creating my ‘enriched master recipe sourdough’…

This loaf was made using the lighter version of the dough below, and with half Matthews Cotswold Strong White Flour and Half Matthews Cotswold White Spelt Flour

Soft and fluffy interior.

A slice of the above loaf.

The doughs are all enriched with eggs, milk, butter and honey. This is a very very tasty sourdough creation! It’s great eaten on its own, as well as with your choice of toppings, and smells amazing all over again when toasted.

This loaf was made using the richer version of the dough below with my usual starter and with 100% Matthews Cotswold White Spelt Flour.

The end shot of the loaf above.

I have tested this several times recently and it worked perfectly with just Matthews Cotswold Strong White Bread Flour, a mix of SWBF and Matthews Cotswold White Spelt Flour, and with 100% Cotswold White Spelt Flour. Each version has been a success, the white spelt flour adding a silkiness to the dough that’s lovely to work with, as well as a lightness to the crumb.

This loaf was made with the richer version of the dough below and 100% white spelt flour. Once baked I brushed it with butter and sprinkled it with sesame seeds.


  • The added dairy products do not go bad during the overnight prove, the dough is protected by the starter.


  • The butter only needs to be softened, not fully melted. If you do melt it, ensure it is cool before mixing with the rest of the ingredients.


  • The softened butter does not need to be fully mixed through the dough initially, it will soften more and become fully incorporated as your work with the dough.


  • This is a heavy slow dough, allow it time to grow fully.


  • It’s also a dough that requires very little shaping.


  • It keeps well for a week if wrapped well.


  • I don’t like things very sweet; for us, chief taster included, the 50g honey in the recipe was perfect. If you prefer sweeter things, replace it with sugar, the quantity of your choice.


  • I have made two slightly different versions of this, one a little richer than the other, and I like both. You can tone things down, or up, as you choose.


  • You can choose your own version, using the flour/s of your choice, and all or just one to two of the added ingredients. It works whichever options you choose.


  • For dietary alternatives, use no eggs or egg replacements/non dairy milk/no butter or a dairy free option.


  • I made the round loaf in my 20cm diameter enamel roaster (above) and the rectangular loaf in a large loaf tin (27cm x 17cm/10.5” x 6.5”). You can use a standard 2 lb loaf tin too.

My master recipe strikes again! 

Click here for Elaine’s Enriched Foodbod Master Recipe Sourdough


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