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We are on a mission to promote baking of all kinds, encourage new bakers by sharing knowledge and develop new ideas and recipes for the next generation of bakers!

We need your help to share your baking journeys, get involved with the baking club events and show your passion for all things baking.

Within this Cotswold Flour Baking Club page will find details of our competitions and giveaways, access to our upcoming events, links to our favourite recipes and latest blogs, as well a Forum to ask and answer any baking questions you have!

Delicious and really simple Blueberry Muffins

Click here to view the recipe for these really easy Blueberry Muffins using Matthews Cotswold Plain Flour

To Create the Perfect Sourdough you will Need a sourdough starter

To create a delicious sourdough you will need to begin by making your sourdough starter. We have created a step by step guide on making your starter and how to look after it: 

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Watch the first three episodes of our New Sourdough Series With Elaine Foodbod and Bertie

We have now held three episodes of our sourdough series, in the third episode of the series Bertie and Elaine answered a range of baking questions sent in by our amazing baking community

You can catch up on our first three episodes below:

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

We look forward to seeing you again soon for another episode of our Sourdough Series and thank you for your continued support!


Wow thank you for all sending us such delicious recipes using Matthews Cotswold Flour! Click on the button below to view our recipes page with cakes, bread, sourdough start, and many more, and to submit your own.


Dark Rye Flour

The History of Rye Flour and Rye Bread

What is rye? Rye is a close relative of wheat and barley. It has a deep, rich taste and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Rye became a staple food in Europe during the Middle Ages, where it was cultivated in Central and Eastern Europe and was used to produce

Organic Strong White Flour

What is Organic Flour?

The organic market has been growing steadily over the past decade. In recent years, organic flour options have become routinely available at grocery stores. What makes organic flour “organic”? The difference between organic and conventional flour can be significant. Is it worth the higher price tag?  Making an impact Organic

want to see more of the mill?

Exclusive tours of the mill​

This offer is exclusive to Cotswold Baking Club Members. The day consists of intro teas and coffees and a presentation by one of the Matthews on the history and provenance of the mill. You will then be invited to take a tour of the mill learning how the milling process works and has changed over the years.

You will see each stage of the journey from grain testing, milling, packing and finally baking. We will have one of our bakers prepare some sample loaves to taste. 

Ensure you sign up to the baking club and look out for notifications for when we are able to run the tours of the mill again.

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Baking Club Mission 1: Taste of Italy

We need your help!

Due to the recent events, we have had to pause our Baking Club Missions. We will be in contact with more details when these are up and running again.

Matthews Cotswold Flour are currently working on some new and exciting products, and we need our Cotswold Flour Baking Club expertise. We have produced some trial samples of a new authentic Italian grown and milled premium pizza flour to add to our range.

We are looking for volunteers to trial bake a number of flour samples and give us feedback on the best results. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please apply below. We will send you some free flour, a recipe and a feedback form. 

On completion we would like to offer 20% off your next order and some free giveaways!

Here’s what goes on behind the scenes...

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