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      Which of the strong white flour would be best for using in a bread machine


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      Roger Cross

      Hi Meadowland,
      You can use almost any flour in your bread machine, I have been making perfectly acceptable loaves with ordinary supermarket plain flour while the better ones are hard to find. When you can get it though, any flour that says it is for bread or rolls would be better. The protein percentage needs to be as high as possible and if you can get Vital Wheat Gluten, add a teaspoon of that per cup of the lower protein flours to raise the protein. You might need to add a bit more water as it starts mixing to get the dough consistency right. Good luck!,

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      Hi Roger
      Many thanks for the advice it is appreciated. I normally get the flour from the local supermarket but obviously at this time am struggling to get some.

      My father is 92 and whilst he worked in the office at the local bakery for nearly 40 yrs he now prefers to use the fresh bread out of my machine.

      Thanks again and best regards


Viewing 2 reply threads
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