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Moul-bie Bakers

The Moul-bie bakers came to our mill on the 29th October and treated us, yet again, to some of their wonderful baking skills.

We were spoilt with pizza, brownies, and cupcakes made with their own brand mix flour.

The pizza flour is a mix for making supple and soft, white pizza dough. It’s very easy to roll out and is quite a tolerant recipe, meaning that it can be prepared in advance. It is also a versatile mix that allows you to boost your savory recipes.

The brownie mix is suitable for use with butter, and is ideal for producing a multitude of brownie recipes, from, pecan nut to white chocolate, and is a great source of fibre.

The Cake Extra flour is the perfect mix for making all sorts of traditional cakes and soft fruit cakes that melt in your mouth. It holds a very good shelf life.

To top it off, we had Neige Décor sprinkled on top of the cakes which is great for decorating pastries and cakes as is doesn’t dissolve, even on fatty or moist products, and is suitable for quick freezing.