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Bourton Box


The Bourton Box Contains:

  • Little Pickle Blueberry, Vanilla, Whisky Jam (212g)
  • R-oil (480ml)
  • Auntie Caroline’s Fabulous Farmhouse (200g)
  • Auntie Caroline’s Posh Piccalilli (200g)
  • Auntie Caroline’s Deliciously Decadent Strawberry Jam with Mint & Balsamico (200g)
  • Cotswold Guy Spicy red pepper relish (210g)
  • Ritual Coffee Single Origin Congo (200g)

Known as the Venice of the Cotswolds, this is where some of us at Cotswold Made Co. call home. This is the perfect mix of the other two boxes and some. A great gift for oneself.


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Blueberry, Vanilla & Whisky Jam – Packed full of blueberries, vanilla and Cotswolds Distillery Whisky, this decadent jam is delicious spread on toasted sourdough or add a spoonful to your morning porridge!

Auntie Caroline’s Fabulous Farmhouse – A traditional pickle with crunchy vegetables and a sweet tang. Perfect on a cheese sandwich or with a Ploughman’s.

Auntie Caroline’s Posh Piccalilli – Crunchy vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce, with a hint of sweetness. Perfect with a strong cheddar. And why is it posh? Because it’s made in The Cotswolds dahhhling!

Auntie Caroline’s Strawberry Jam with Mint and Balsamico – A reduced sugar jam that’s full of flavour. Strawberries soaked overnight in herbs, balsamic vinegar, and local cider to give a thick, rich jam that’s perfect for your cream tea.

R-Oil – Farmed in the Cotswolds, cold pressed on site and simply packed with flavour and goodness! This makes everything you cook with (or as a salad dressing) taste like the Cotswolds is calling you home.

Ritual Coffee – Single Origin from the Congo. Roasted here in the Cotswolds this coffee is the perfect way to start the day. Ritual pays the farms directly ensuring they are rewarded better than Fair Trade rates. From high up in the Congo this farm does so much to support those who suffered from the civil war. It’s our favourite without question. Smooth and mellow just like a great piece of jazz.

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