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Matthews Cotswold Crunch

(99 customer reviews)


Cotswold Crunch – a speciality blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes.


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Matthews Cotswold Crunch flour is a speciality blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. The flour has a nutty taste and a signature darker colour. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes.

Perfect for: Cotswold Crunch is perfect for a traditional hearty full flavoured bread.

Delivers: a flavoursome option for bread equivalent to a granary flour

Milling & Provenance: Matthews’s signature malted flour famous for its great taste. Milled using premium British wheat.

Contains: wheat, malt flakes, malt

Protein: 12.5%

Recipe Recommendation: Lighten up your Cotswold crunch bread with our Light spelt to pack your next tasty loaf with added fibre or use 10% Rye and 10% spelt a three way artisanal blend.

Did you know? The history behind this type of flour supposedly goes back to Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey. They were said to have accidentally discovered, while experimenting with a brewing method, that malted wheat flakes improved the flavour of their bread enormously! What we can tell you is Cotswold Crunch makes a delicious loaf.

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99 reviews for Matthews Cotswold Crunch

  1. Technolong

    Based on the middle section of the Gloucester Road, Bristol, Joe’s bakery has been owned and run by Read More

  2. Adam More

    Just made my first loaf with cotswold crunch. Made an overnight sponge with 6g fresh yeast 150 g crunch and 130g water then next day 350g crunch and 100g strong white. 10 minute manual knead then first prove shape and second prove in a proving basket, baked in a cloche. Slightly disappointed with the final rise in the baking but texture and taste are excellent, might make a slightly wetter mixture and bake in a tin next time.

  3. admin

    Having for several years been an 8-grain fan, I gave this a try when it was on cheapo offer at Aldi for a couple of weeks. It’s equally delicious, and I’ve stuck with it for about 3 years or so.
    I like the texture and colour, and the just right amount of ‘crunch’. I often add a good helping of pre-baked chopped walnuts, but that’s just an extra treat rather than an essential. Our grandchildren LOVE it, and even eat their crusts (to their parents’ chagrin) … it’s one of the special aspects of their occasional visits.
    There may be other flours that can bear comparison with Matthews, but I see zilch reason to bother to try to find out – 100% satisfied.

  4. Morehealthis

    You may well remember an endorsement last year for the company from our Prime Minister, David Cameron, albeit he makes his bread in a bread maker. He recommended the Cotswold Crunch flour a speciality blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour.

  5. John Rees

    Wholemeal bread can be a bit worthy but Cotswold Crunch is smashing. Makes a super pizza, and pitta style breads. As I bake several times a week I use it with other flours as well; it responds well to milk rather than water as base liquid. Have made quite a few assorted bread rolls as a way of thanking those who have helped us cope with self-isolation. My main concern is finding yeast!

  6. C. Osborn

    I have been buy Matthews’s flour from Pearce’s Farm Shop, Puckeridge and found some in Aldi, last autumn. First go at buying it direct. A very good experience. Order arrived in 5 days, kept informed of delivery at all stages. This flour and all of the other flours I bought have made excellent bread that is full of flavour, good texture and crunch. Excellent crust. This particular flour gives an added dimension to my bread. Thank you 😊.

  7. Tony

    I have used Cotswold Crunch alongside Eight Grain flour for my bread for the last six years. It makes a lovely loaf of bread in my bread machine. Many friends have rated it highly and now use Matthews flour for their bread making. Keep up the great milling !

  8. Brian

    Made some great rolls with this flour!

  9. Sales Matthews

    Hi, thank you for the lovely comments – we love the Crunch too! If you fancy a protein boost why not do a 50/50 loaf with our Canadian flour?

    Happy baking!


  10. J Freeman

    I use a bread maker machine and this flour makes a superb wholemeal/granary like loaf which is light and flavoursome.
    It’s by far the best flour I’ve found to suit our taste

  11. Sales Matthews

    Hi Jen, I would like to thank you so much for your review of Cotswold Crunch. Comments and feedback like this give our team a great sense of pride in what we do. Paul and I would like to thank you for your support. I will pass your message on to the team.
    Kind Regards
    Bertie Matthews

  12. jen

    What more could I add about your WONDERFUL four
    I sure know for a fact no other four is as good as Cotswold Crunch Been using it for a few years now PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK as your keeping so many people SO HAPPY

  13. Sales Matthews

    Hi Chris, thank you for your lovely comments – we are big fans of the Cotswold Crunch too! Happy baking!


  14. Chris Pickering-Grey

    Cotswold Crunch is an exceptional flour which produces great results, as simple as that.

  15. Jack Matthews

    Hi Ester you are on a roll! That does sound very yummy, don’t forget to send us any photos of your makes or tag us on social media with our hash tag #flourpower


  16. Jack Matthews

    Hi Keith, thank you for your lovely comments the Cotswold Crunch is a firm favourite in the office! Have you tried our organic range? Just as tasty and even healthier!


  17. Ester

    This is my favourite flour of the Matthews range, it makes a beautiful malted type loaf with just enough crunch. I love it toasted with butter and set honey every morning for my breakfast.

  18. keith carpenter

    This was only our second bulk purchase but we are already addicts. The name precisely describes the bread’s texture which is matched by its delightful taste.

    Ordering was simple and the product arrived quickly and in good condition.

  19. Jack Matthews

    Thank you for the lovely comments, we are big fans of the Cotswold Crunch too! Don’t forget to send in any photos of your bakes and tag us in any social media with the hash tag #flourpower

    Happy baking!


  20. S Hawksley

    I don’t know what I’d do if this flour stopped being available. It is the absolute best; great consistency, great taste. There were a few brief weeks where we had to use something else and I could not find anything to touch the quality of Cotswold Crunch. Thankfully we’re back on track. Phew! Keep it up, guys.

  21. Paul Wilkin

    We love the bread this flour makes in our breadmaker.
    The malty taste and slightly cruncht texture turn a piece of toast into an experience.
    Only patchy availability in local supermarkets but so easy and cheap to buy online with free delivery.

  22. Jack Matthews

    Hi Andrew, what a fab idea! We are always experimenting with different flours here in the office, have you tried mixing in with some spelt? It is an ancient grain and very tummy friendly full of healthy goodness!


  23. Jack Matthews

    Hi Robert, we love the Cotswold Crunch too! Have you tried our Eight Grain? Its full of seeds and yummy goodness and works very well in a bread machine! Don’t forget to tag us in any social media photos with our hash tag #flourpower – we love to see your bakes!


  24. Helen Wand

    Cotswold Crunch is the best flour I’ve ever used, been making bread with it for years.
    It’s for great on it’s own or blended with strong white, or rye/white and eight grain

  25. Andrew Tilbrook

    I have tried many different bread flours and this is the one I keep coming back to. The flavour and slight crunch to the bread is superb. I tend to mix it about 50/50 with a strong white to give the colour and texture the family likes best.

  26. Robert Davidson

    Cotswold crunch makes fabulous bread in my Panasonic bread maker !

  27. Sarah Fortes

    That’s fabulous Kristina, yes ordering from us very straightforward either through our website or over the phone. Many thanks for letting us know

  28. Emma

    Cotswold Crunch is such a lovely flour to bake with. Not all my family is good with bread made from other than white flour but I find a recipe using 500g Matthew’s Strong white with 200g Cotswold Crunch makes a lovely loaf – white & tasty crunchy bits!. Makes great toast too.

  29. Kristina Routh

    Very good flour which makes a tasty loaf in my breadmaker. I ordered direct from the FWP Matthews website instead of Amazon which I’ve done previously (it wasn’t available on Amazon). The process was quick and simple (I actually ordered the bread on my phone while sitting in a coffee shop!). It arrived quickly, free delivery, no hassles. No need to use Amazon again.

  30. P Crofts

    Good product,
    Good service.
    Thanks very much.

  31. sarah2

    This is my favourite flour. I use a bread maker and mix 125g of Matthews Strong White Flour with 350g Cotswold Crunch. I also add a handful of mixed seeds, usually linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It always results in a very tasty and well risen loaf that is substantial and satisfying. Just how I like it.

  32. D. Smith

    Delighted with Cotswold Crunch flour, used with Morphy Richards breadmaker producing a tasty even loaf enjoyed by my family. The delivery was prompted and efficient.

  33. Dave

    I have made countless loaves using the ‘eight grain’ the ‘crunch’ and the ‘white’ and often a combination of all three and always produce an exceptional loaf by hand – since discovering this flour I wouldn’t use any other.

  34. tigtheyounger

    Makes a really tasty loaf with a Panasonic breadmaker. I use a mix of 75/25 Cotswold Crunch and Strong White flour to make a loaf with a more open texture. First came across this flour in Aldi but they don’t seem to stock it on a regular basis.

  35. Steve Butler

    I purchased this flour from Aldi last year and was very disappointed to find that it is no longer available. I have had great results using this flour for three different types of bread, french baguettes, farmhouse loaf and rolls. I have used a bread machine to make the dough and traditional “by hand” method, both with good results. The bread has a wonderful light texture with a lovely malty and nutty flavour. I am delighted that this flour is available to purchase on-line.

  36. Gwyneth

    I love this flour. I use it either on its own or mixed with Cotswold wholemeal and French ( 4 oz of each of those) and fresh rosemary plus black olives.
    It’s the only flour I can trust to make good bread every time

  37. Mike

    I love the flavour this flour imparts to a loaf. Often use 1 part of Organic White to 6 parts of Cotswold Crunch when I need a slightly lighter loaf. It makes a lovely sourdough when again mixed with a little Organic White. Very consistent quality.

  38. Jack Muggeridge

    Excellent flour, used with a Panasonic bread machine – prog 4, Cotswold Crunch makes a wonderful loaf.& buying direct is an added bonus

  39. Wendy

    Love this flour ! Makes an amazing loaf in the bread maker, perfect every time.
    Having first bought it from Aldi I was disappointed that they no longer stocked it, but a quick internet search tracked it down! Free delivery on 5 bags which arrived a few days after ordering. Excellent service.

  40. Ian Burstow

    First came across this flour in a supermarket about a year ago and found that it gave us consistently good results in our bread maker, unlike other bread flours, so we have been purchasing ever since.

  41. Danny Wallace

    Lovely bread flour a nice crusty crummy loaf, ideal for artisan baking. Yummy,yummy,

  42. roger.lane.home

    Makes a wonderful loaf at a decent price direct from the maker, with prompt efficient delivery 🙂

  43. axepete

    Absolutely fabulous flour.

    I bake a lot of my own bread, including sourdough, and this flour is a firm favourite with myself and family members.
    I ordered 5 bags online and the service was wonderful, from the ease of ordering to the dispatch and delivery of the flour.
    I highly recommend this gorgeous, nutty, flavoursome flour along with many other of the superb varieties from Matthews ( the dark rye flour is great )
    I will be placing another order soon …. outstanding value.

    UPDATE : I ordered my second batch of 5 bags of Cotswold Crunch and, once again, I am delighted with the flour and the service … amazing value !

  44. Doreen Shoobridge

    Used to buy this flour when I went to visit my sister.
    Then it became available in Asda, several weeks ago it disappeared from Asda and was briefly available in Aldi. Then it disappeared again.Phoned Matthews and was told I could order on line.
    This is what I have done and will continue to do so.
    I also like the Eight Grain, which has also disappeared from Asda.

  45. Bridges Bernardine

    Excellent flour, I mix it 50/50 with eight seed flour and it makes a delicious loaf

  46. Helen MacGregor

    Another fan of Cotswold Crunch, discovered thanks to an Ali promotion. Shame your flour is not stocked all year round so I can sample individual bags of all the different varieties. My 5 bags x 3 types ordered direct will keep me baking for a while! Fast delivery and good shelf life, too.
    Cotswold Crunch makes the world’s best crumble topping…. just use as it is or mix with some white or wholemeal in proportions you prefer and throw in a few chopped nuts for a special extra touch! YUM!

  47. paulwilkin2014

    I first bought this flour from Aldi and love the flavour and texture when mixed 50/50 with strong white flour in rustic french loaves.
    I never saw it again in the supermarkets locally but fortunately its quick and easy to order directly from Matthews.
    Excellent product and service.

  48. Gillian Gardiner

    I have been baking bread in my Panasonic machine for about 5 years now. Have tried many types of flours but I am so thrilled to have found your ‘Cotswold Crunch’.
    It is amazing and I really don’t want to bake anything else now. Just love it, love it, love it.
    The loaves keep so much better than usual home machine ones. It is so nutty and tasty and of course good for you.
    I see that I am one of many positive reviewers for this flour.
    Hope you always make it as it can’t be beaten.

  49. Peter

    I had for years been using 8-grain, and bought this simply because it was going cheap(er) in Lidl. As it turns out, it’s even nicer than 8-grain – barely possible, I know. It seems to make a slightly less ‘tight’ textured bread. Delicious.

  50. Sarah

    Love this flour. Makes great bread. Very quick delivery. Altogether very pleased.

  51. Brian Martin

    I was recently given a recipe using 50% Cotswold Crunch and 50% T55 flour and I am now a convert from a well-known organic malted wheat flour, we love the flavor and texture. As my partner says, even though the bread is soft it still passes her ‘Marmite Test’ i.e. can you spread Marmite directly onto the bread without tearing the slice to pieces.

  52. sue elliott

    As ever, the flour arrived very quickly with free postage. Great product, we love it – thankyou Matthews!

  53. axepete

    Absolutely fabulous flour.
    I bake a lot of my own bread, including sourdough, and this flour is a firm favourite with myself and family members.
    I ordered 5 bags online and the service was wonderful, from the ease of ordering to the dispatch and delivery of the flour.
    I highly recommend this gorgeous, nutty, flavoursome flour along with many other of the superb varieties from Matthews ( the dark rye flour is great )
    I will be placing another order soon …. outstanding value.

  54. Michael

    This makes a great loaf in my breadmaker using 400 grams with 200 grams of stone ground wholemeal.

  55. Joss

    If a flour can be called meaty, then this is it. Perfect on its own or mixed with white.

    I use it every week both as a standard loaf and sometimes in an artisan loaf baked in a Dutch oven.

    Simply wonderful!

  56. Sarah Fortes

    Fantastic Andy! And very best of luck with Banjo’s Bread

  57. Andy Weston

    Quite simply the best malted bread flour I’ve ever used.

    Consistent results every time and a firm favourite for customers of Banjo’s Bread, my new little venture.

  58. Yvon

    Great flour. Makes lovely tasty bread. Excellent prompt service.

  59. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Eddie,
    Thanks so much for your comments. We are always glad to hear that people enjoy using our flour. We are hoping to revamp our online ordering so hopefully it will be easier.

  60. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Peter, thank you for your feedback regarding our ordering system. This is something which we will be revamping in the new year, and hopefully making it far easier to order online with us.

  61. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Kevin, great to hear you are getting such delicious bread using the Cotswold Crunch in your breadmaker. Sorry to hear your work mates are pinching it though! hehe, you’ll have to show them how to make their own 🙂

  62. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Helen,
    So happy to hear that you made some lovely bread using our Cotswold Crunch Flour. Thank you for letting us know!

  63. Sarah Fortes

    Hi Ian, glad you get a good bake using our Cotswold crunch! Thank you for letting us know

  64. Ian

    Excellent flour. The only one that we have found that gives us consistent results in our bread maker.

  65. Helen Baker

    One of the best flours for making granary style loaves in our breadmaker – delicious, and don’t last very long! Also to note that our first delivery got wet in transit, so was replaced without fuss, free of charge. Many thanks for excellent service. [BTW we used the organic version of this for a while as we couldn’t get hold of this variety – the taste was much the same but the organic loaf came out much heavier.]

  66. Kevin

    I use a Panasonic breadmaker and have been looking for different types of flour to use. I prefer granary/ malted type bread and when I saw this on a shelf at Asda, decided to give it a try. Since then, I’ve stopped looking and sticking with this one.
    Lovely malted taste and quite a dense loaf (I suspect this is due to it being dealt with by a breadmaking gadget) which in my opinion is ideal for breakfast toast.
    Have used it for sandwiches but my mates in work pinched them as they prefer the bread !!!!!!!

  67. Peter Berry

    Flour is excellent. Have been using it for years although supplyyhas often been a problem. Hence my last order was ordered direct. I was a little disappointed with the customer service experience. Having placed the order I received no order acknowledgement and received no replies to my emails requesting delivery information. The parcel just turned up. Luckily I was at home. If they could move their Internet sales into the 21st Century they could greatly improve the business

  68. Eddie Marsh

    I have been using this flour for a couple of years since discovering it in Aldi. It makes a wholesome, tasty and crunchy loaf which the family really enjoys – a loaf doesn’t last long! Since Aldi stopped stocking it I considered buying it from Amazon as suggested on this site but even with Amazon Prime it is £14.41 for the 5 x 1.5KG bags (plus you are paying an Amazon Prime subscription). If you plan ahead you can buy it direct from FWP Matthews for £13.37 with free delivery – a no brainer!

  69. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Janice, that is great to hear. Look out for our Cotswold Crunch in Aldi in November, happy baking!

  70. Sarah Fortes

    Hi John, we love our Cotswold Crunch flour too and great to hear you get such great results.

  71. Janice Gerrard

    Tried the Cotswold Crunch flour when Lidl’s sold it as a ‘one off’ offer. I kept looking for it to reappear there but no luck. So I bought 5 bags direct from Matthews which arrived promptly. We find this flour makes excellent tasty and (yes) quite crunchy bread due to the
    malted wheat flakes. Have yet to try the others flours.

  72. John Hawksworth

    Awesome bread, I use the all day bread tecnique with no kneading, just 3 folds in the first 90 minutes and leave to rise for 5 hours from mixing, only use 4g of dried yeast, after 5 hours shape and 2nd rise for 75 mins, put in a Dutch oven pre heated for an hour at gas 10, cook for 30 minutes lid on and 15 minutes lid off and the result is a stunning open textured crunchy loaf.

  73. Bertie Matthews

    Tim thanks for your comments, we will be adding more products for you to try in the next coming months. Keep an eye out on our social media pages. Bertie Matthews

  74. Bertie Matthews

    Windy, good to hear you are enjoying Cotswold Crunch. Look out for it in Aldi this November! Bertie Matthews

  75. Bertie Matthews

    Hi Sue, great to see you are using Cotswold Crunch. Look out this November for it in Aldi stores again! Bertie Matthews

  76. sue elliott

    This flour works really well in my Panasonic breadmaker. It produces a lovely light textured and well flavoured loaf. I originally bought it from Aldi but since they didn’t stock it during the last offer, I decided to buy online – it arrived the following day! I will certainly re-order when this lot has run out.

  77. Windy Miller of Camberwick Green

    As a lover of Granary [tm] breads I think that this is a great flour. Like a lot of others I found this a while back at Aldi or Lidl – can’t recall which. Now buying it on-line and direct. The delivery was extremely prompt and the results are excellent!

  78. Tim Reynolds

    Started making my own bread in Jan 2018 after our much-loved French patisserie closed. We have no room for a bread-maker, so I make it by hand using the recipe on the packet. I realise that being retired, I have the time to do this- it would be difficult otherwise. I have tried several flours, including others by Matthews, but keep coming back to this for the flavour, texture and crunchy crust ( at least on day 1). My only problem has been finding it -a number of local stores have stocked it but don’t seem to do so now. The direct online ordering from Matthews was very efficient – thankyou

  79. Alison Ellis

    Probably my favourite flour for bread. It’s reliable in consistency and flavour. I”m so glad that you’ve amended the delivery charges so that I can buy direct from you rather than Amazon. I love all your flours.

  80. John Hall

    I came across this “Cotswold-Crunch” bread flour (and others produced by Matthews) a couple of years ago and was amazed at the high quality and taste it gave the loaves made.
    The source from which I bought the flour at that time was variable-sometimes stocking it at others not and by not being certain of its availability moved on to other brands. However I was delighted to discover that it was available direct from Matthews so I will now be able to always continue to obtain it.
    It has a wonderful nutty flavour and if as I always do prove the dough twice makes a fantastic loaf.

  81. Graham Webb

    I bought this flour the first time from Lidl. A bit disappointed it is no longer stocked but your online delivery service works well. The flour produces a really good tasty loaf. I use an Aldi bread maker and the results have been excellent without fail.

  82. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Clayton, thanks so much for getting in touch. We love to hear about your baking successes.

  83. Peter


    It is still good.

  84. Sarah Fortes

    Thank you Peter!

  85. Peter Crofts

    Excellent as always. Prompt supply. Thanks

  86. seagermh

    I first bought this flour in Aldi and was delighted with the flavour and texture.

    I love the rye flavour and I use sourdough yeast to give it an extra tang. It works perfectly in my breadmaker machine.

    I have purchased more flour through Matthews website as Aldi only had it on ‘special’ and was impressed with the speed of delivery. Very professional and easy to use website.

  87. Bridget

    Lovely tasty flour. I use it for all our bread these days, mixed with a little of the strong white, given a slow rise with minimal fresh yeast, and baked in the Aga. Delicious!

  88. Peter F

    Cotswold Crunch makes a superb loaf, as is. We mix it 6:1 with Matthews Rye, which adds extra interest to the taste and bite. Very rare that we buy shop bread at all since we happened upon CC, 8 Grain, Maizebite and other Matthews flours. What a wonderful find, thanks for the work that goes into this!

  89. Alison Harper

    This is the best flour I have ever used in any breadmaker, and I’ve used breadmakers for nearly 20 years. I bought it when it was a special-stock item at Aldi, thinking: “I’ll give it a go. No great loss if it’s a disaster.” The result blew away every other loaf I had made. As others have said, the texture and flavour are outstanding. Allinson’s is good, but it doesn’t come close to this. I’d add that the loaves also seems to keep better by a day or two compared to other flours, although the loaves never seem to hang around long enough to test the keeping quality properly. I now use 50% Cotswold Strong White and 50% Cotswold Crunch and reduce the water in the recipe by about 10%. This makes the loaf rise slightly higher and softens the texture without it becoming wet and claggy as some wholegrain loaves can be. Just all round brilliant.

  90. Clayton

    I love this flour. I use it in my Panasonic bread maker. I do a half and half bread using 250grams of strong white flour and 250grams of the Cotswolds crunch. I also use a teaspoon of Barley malt extract instead of sugar to help sweeten the bread when making my loaves. I just love the flavour and nutty taste. One of the best flours on the market.

  91. phillipwhite321

    Excellent product. First found this at Lidl but as usual no longer in stock. There are no stockists near to me so ordered online directly from FWP Matthews. Product arrived within stated time. Would be good if you could by a mix of varieties of flour, as we would like to try some before buying 7.5kgs at a time.

  92. Robert Sanders

    Found it in Lidl – bought it, baked it (in the Panasonic) – went back and bought 2 more bags while they still had it! -nuf said!

  93. Phil Cosker

    I found a bag of your fabulous flour in Lidl in Lincoln – went back for more – there was none so ordered direct from you.
    This is wonderful flour with great texture and flavour. It is now a regular in my bread making.

  94. judith mudie

    I got your crunchy and pizza flours from Lidl last week but not on the shelf this week. Tried the hand made crunchy loaves from your recipe on bag, a little heavy not much raise? Would I be better with 50% white?
    Tried the pizza flour in the b/machine using my usual recipe with sugar in.great result.
    One question, none of your recipes have sugar in, alsoyou mix the dried yeast with warm water before adding but others say keep the two separate?
    many thanks.

  95. Alan Johnson

    Excellent flour making distinctive bread and especially rolls. Have been using it for some years now

  96. pjlc

    Good, prompt and reliable product and service. Thanks.

  97. Bertie Matthews

    Valerie thanks for getting in touch. Our 16KG sacks are available by mail order. Will be on our site soon. Give us a call on 01993 830342 or send us an email on BM

  98. Bertie Matthews

    Geroge, great to hear! Look out for our Flour in Aldi and Lidl this year in from March!

  99. Helen

    Lovely tasty flour, with quick delivery and free postage. Thank you!

  100. george

    Last time I made bread (1977 I think, during bread strike) the outcome was so hard it was dangerous to eat. I happened across Cotswold Crunch in Aldi and thought I’d have another go. My first effort wasn’t too bad, but with refinements to my methods and a bit of practice the bread I now make is as good as anything you can get anywhere. This flour is brilliant, so is the 8 grain flour. I have to ration myself to one loaf a week.

  101. Valerie Downs

    Have been using the Cotswold crunch dark for more than a year now and it tastes just as good each time I make it. I used to buy a 16kg sack but it looks as if it is only available to commercial bakers. As I bake bread every week it lasts me about four months.
    I ordered the 5 x 1.5kg for the first time but would like to go back to ordering the sack. Is this still possible.
    Have recommended yours flours to lots of people as they are the best ever.

  102. malspires

    This is a brilliant flour and make superb bread with a lovely flavour. I orginally bought this flour from a stall at Burford open weekend some years ago and then found it again in Aldi but unfortunately it is not readily available, last week when browsing on the internet I found I could buy directly from yourselves. I shall now be using it regularly

  103. Peter Crofts

    Good quality and very tasty. Trouble-free purchase and delivery, thanks.

  104. Paul Wright

    I love this flour, the best I have ever tried. Thanks

  105. Les Coulthard

    been baking few years. saw flour in ald. i best yet

  106. Mrs Gillian Daker

    I mix this with the 8 grain, and it makes the ideal loaf for my husband and myself. Certainly no problems making it the old-fashioned way by hand. Good pricing and fast delivery. Would recommend FWP Matthews to anyone.

  107. Alan Johnson

    Excellent bread four for use in a bead machine and mixed with a little strong white makes excellent rolls. Family & Friends favourite

  108. Andrea

    I use a breadmaker to do loaves for me and both sets of parents. This flour is my Dad’s favourite. He loves the taste and texture. I like to mix it up with the whole meal, white and rye to make a rustic loaf too that is excellent for sandwiches. Doorstop style ????

  109. Peter

    What more can I say? I have just bought some more! No more cardboard bread. The only thing I had against it was the white flour base however I now see that Jack Mathews says there is wholemeal as well so 5*. BTW a spoonful of roast hazel nuts makes it even better.

  110. Grace Mason

    I only started baking bread a few months ago, was in Aldis and thought I’d give it a go. Followed the instructions (no bread maker!), couldn’t believe how delicious and easy it was. Now bake on a regular basis, including baking for our adult kids. Love the crunchy texture, can’t believe I left it so long to bake my own bread!

  111. brendan

    I first bought the Cotswold crunch flour in Aldi . The method worked to give fabulous loaves well risen with excellent texture and especially flavour . So i have now bought a 16Kg bag.
    Man shall not live by bread alone ( as excellent as this one is ) but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Mathew 4;4 and Deuteronomy 8;3 . Take up reading your bible with your morning tea and toast .

    Will there be bread in Heaven ? This bread is heaven on earth !

  112. ian smith

    Have you tried the malt flour. Its even better. Absolutely brilliant flours.

  113. Teri Dunning

    Been making my own bread for some time now and this is my now go to flour to impress! Love it! Easy to work with and good flavour and in general a lovely bread to make or eat! Can’t wait to smell it in the oven! Such a quick delivery!

  114. John Benson

    Yes… It’s another ALDI shopper that tried this divine flour. I cut it 50/50 with strong white flour to make the most delicious bread… Both me and my partner love this and use it on the ‘French’ setting in our Panasonic breadmaker… It’s just wonderful!

    It would be great if this was stocked all the time in ALDI… I think the reviews show just how popular it is with their customers!

  115. Neil MacGregor

    I have recently used the Cotswold Crunch flour that I purchased from our local Aldi store.. After having baked bread (using my faithful bread making machine) for the passed five years, I can honestly say that the finished article this time, was probably the best bread to have come out of my machine. My wife, who isn’t really keen on brown bread as a whole , declares that this time, she is a convert to Cotswold Crunch bread and can I please hurry up and make some more.!!

  116. Pete

    I first found this brand of flours in Aldi when I purchased the Cotswold Crunch.It made a lovely granary style loaf in my bread maker – of course ‘granary’ is a trademark. I bought the wholemeal flour and made dough in the bread maker before my first ever attempt at making burger buns – there was honey in the recipe and this shone through making a delightful bread. I ate the first (rather large) bun as it cooled without any extras – it was just moorish. I have since made a small loaf from their ‘eight seed flour’ and this is just as scrummy. I love it toasted for breakfast. I am stuck for choice now – ‘granary’, seeded or simple brown – maybe I should ask the audience. Whatever, it’s a winner and will definitely rise to the occasion.

  117. Lana Petrie

    Hello Karyn. Our products are available on Amazon where the delivery charge is cheaper. However, should you wish to purchase a 16kg sack, all our products have a 9 month shelf life from the date of production. Happy baking!

  118. karyn oconnor

    by far the best bread i have made so far. 🙂 🙂 It makes a lovely malty crunchy loaf which ive struggled to find already made and so far not a scrap has ever been left. I too tried it when i found it in Aldi but i can t find it anywhere else so will have to order online. im tempted to order the 16kg sack but wonder what length of time it would keep on a 1-2 loaf per week basis

  119. Alan

    Cotswold Crunch Flour is most tasty and if used with 1/3 strong white or brown flour gives an excellent texture loaf and also makes first class rolls

  120. Eric

    I have been looking for a good flour for years. This is truly fabulous. I simply followed the recipe on the packet; fantastic results. Being a Frenchman I will be back for your French flour soon. My order came in with a 6 month “best before” which is ample time. Thank you for such a quality product.

  121. Colin

  122. Elaine

    I am new to bread making and have just mastered Paul Hollywood,s bloomer. I saw this flour in Aldi and bought it to try. I use 50% strong white and 50% Cotswold Crunch. The result is a very tasty loaf with a good crust which is very light. It is so good that my other half ate most of the loaf today.

    With such amazing results I am looking to try others from the range.

  123. Ian Smith

    I bought this from aldi when it was stocked. As a weekly baker of bread for some 15 years I can honestly say this is the best flour I have used. its a delicious nutty, versatile bread for loaves

  124. Jack Matthews

    Hello Karen,

    Thank you for your review. Our unique blend includes a variety of ingredients and one of them being wholemeal flour. Keep up the baking. We would be very interested in some of your baking images / special recipes you may have!

    Kind regards,

    FWP Matthews ltd

  125. Sylvia Lawson

    This is a really flavoursome flour, which has a great texture. I have used Cotswold Crunch as well as the
    Eight Grain Flour, which I found in a local shop. Unfortunately they no longer have it, but I will be ordering

    With the Cotswold Crunch, I sometimes add just 100 gms of white strong flour which makes it a bit lighter
    texture for those who visit who prefer that.

  126. Karen

    Delicious flour, lovely to work with, great nutty taste. Makes a proper malted loaf which rises nicely and has a good texture.
    My reason for only 4* is because it’s basically a white flour with malted grains and malt flour added, shame there isn’t a wholemeal or half and half version. If I add wholemeal flour I lose some of the ‘crunch’.

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