Cotswold Eight Grain Flour

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A special carefully selected blend of strong white Eight Grain flour, flakes and seeds creating a delectable full flavour and high fibre product. This wholesome flour is ideal for baking bread and rolls producing excellent results every time.

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A special blend of 8 grains combined to produce a rich strong white flour. Strong white Eight Grain flour, flakes and seeds creating a delectable full flavour and high fibre product. This wholesome flour is ideal for baking bread and rolls producing excellent results every time.

Perfect for: Healthy rustic multigrain breads

Delivers: A healthy option for bread

Provenance & Milling: Cotswold roller milled, UK grains and seeds.

Protein: 12%+

Contains: Wheat, Rye Flakes, Oat Flakes, Malted Wheat, Maize Grits, Linseed, Sunflower seed, Millet Seed.

Recipe Recommendation: Mix with 20% Spelt or Rye to pack your recipe full of fibre. Looking for a protein boost? Add 20% Canadian Great White flour. Use low fat oil/fat for an even healthier loaf.

Wheat Origin: Great Britain

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Weight 1.5 kg

One bag 1.5kg, Five bags 7.5kg

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Strong Bread Flour


Bread, Multigrain Bread

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67 reviews for Cotswold Eight Grain Flour

  1. Victoria Ridgway

    The eight grain flour makes a lovely loaf and it’s makes delicious cookies too especially when paired with an oat n raisin mix. One very happy baker here, will definitely be buying again!!

  2. Brian

    Added just 200g to 800g Canadian White to produce a fantastic flavoured bread.

  3. Derek Mason

    Not had chance to try this one as yet. But hoping for a b result than cotswold crunch.

  4. Peter Crofts

    Makes a really pleasant loaf – Thanks

  5. Sales Matthews

    Hi Chris, thank you for the lovely comments! We are big fans of the Eight Grain too, please don’t forget to tag us in any of your social media photos with our hash tag #flourpower

    Happy baking!


  6. Chris Seabrook

    Makes excellent tasting wholesome bread in my breadmaker!

  7. Sales Matthews

    Hi Richard, thank you for the lovely comments! Have you tried combining them? We are always mixing flours here in the office – our favourite combination is Organic Cotswold Crunch and Canadian strong white!
    Happy baking!

  8. Richard

    Until recently my favourite was the Eight Grain flour but that has now been joined on the top spot by the Cotswold Crunch. The problem is now that I can’t decide which to make! (Lovely problem to have though!)

  9. Jack Matthews

    Hi David, well done – we love the Cotswold Crunch here! Please could you email us with some further information about your Eight Grain loaf and then one of the team will be able to help you further!


  10. David O’ Hare

    Yesterday I made my first Cotswold crunch which turned out perfect and I believe that the flour has a mixture of white and granary flour

    Today I made my first 8 grain loaf (cob shaped) which ended up very heavy and did not rise much but instead spread out

    Does anyone know why?


  11. Jack Matthews

    Hi Hywel, thank you for the lovely comments we love them both too! Have you tried our spelt flour? Its a lovely healthy alternative – and tastes pretty good too!


  12. Hywel Thomas

    Difficult to decide between the Eight Grain and the Cotswold Crunch so I’m very happy to alternate. Two loaves soon sell at our monthly village market!
    Many thanks for the efficient direct delivery service.

  13. Jack Matthews

    Hi Ester, thank you for the kind comments, we love the Eight Grain! Have you tried blending it with another flour? We love mixing the Eight Grain with a wholemeal to make it even tastier and healthier!


  14. Ester

    This flour makes a lovely fluffy bread with a little crunch and an amazing taste. I will be ordering again

  15. Jack Matthews

    Hi Peter, we are big fans of the Eight Grain too! Have you tried blending it with another flour to make a 50/50 loaf? We love the Eight Grain combined with our Farmhouse Wholemeal which makes a yummy and healthy loaf!

    Happy baking!


  16. Jack Matthews

    Helen, you are on a roll! We love experimenting with different flours here in the office, and we would love to see some photos (or even some recipes!) of your bakes! Don’t forget to tag us in any photos you put on social media with the hash tag #flourpower !


  17. Peter Mayle

    Excellent flour, makes a beautiful loaf each time

  18. Helen Wand

    Fab blend, I use it mixed with rye, white and cotswold crunch. Will experiment using it on it’s own.
    This mill’s flours are always consistent and a joy to bake with

  19. Sarah Fortes

    Hi there,

    That’s great to hear, and wish you successful breadmaking!

  20. mickandsara

    Like so many people, I discovered these flours through Aldi. Since then, I only use Matthews products for my bread making. They always make such delicious loaves.

  21. Mrs C Harrison

    Started using this bread flour 18months ago,when I couldn’t get from my local shops went online and found mill shop ,now I make bread for my grown up children and their families,have been ordering monthly now,great delivery very prompt.thankyou for that.

  22. Mrs C Harrison

    Started using this bread flour 18months ago,when I couldn’t get from my local shops went online and found mill shop ,now I make bread for my grown up children and their families,have been ordering monthly now,great delivery very prompt.thankyou for that.

  23. Paul Wilson

    First bought from Aldi and then from Amazon, this flour produces a lovely consistent loaf from a bread maker. Excellent flavour and texture. I alternate this with T55.

  24. Dave

    I have made countless loaves using the ‘eight grain’ the ‘crunch’ and the ‘white’ and often a combination of all three and always produce an exceptional loaf by hand – since discovering this flour I wouldn’t use any other.

  25. Dr. J Hall

    Great flour- ideal for our Panasonic bread maker. We just use the “Quick” programme (Number 2) adding an extra 20ml of water for a medium loaf and it comes out great every time in just 2 hours. Another plus- the kids love this bread above all others we have given them!

  26. Sarah Fortes

    Hi Francesca, that’s great to know – the eight grain works so well on its own or blended with other flour. We hope to stock the flour more widely in the future, but for now we are very happy to send out to you.
    Happy baking

  27. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Joseph, thank you so much for letting us know, and also great that all your friends are now using the flour too! We love the eight grain and glad to hear you do too.
    Happy baking

  28. Sarah Fortes

    Hello John, we couldn’t agree more the eight grain makes delicious bread! Thank you for letting us know

  29. John Hancox

    This is the best non-white flour I have found – for me wholemeal flours are too strong in taste but this has good taste with a pleasant malty flavour. I produce loaves using my Panasonic 2501 breadmaker – I have been using programme 4 Wholewheat (5 hours) but I wondered if perhaps the ordinary basic white programme would be better. I’ll try it next time. Availability is poor so I have to order it on line but I’ve got the whole family using it so a 5 x 1.5 kg pack doesn’t last long! Highly recommended particularly if you want something a bit different to a normal white loaf but don’t like the taste of strong wholemeal.

  30. Joseph Carl Moller

    Review for 8-Grain:
    Originally bought this from Amazon, but they messed up my last two orders and I’m now buying direct from the mill. I use a lekue silicon bread maker with 500g loaf mix and it makes a perfect, moist loaf every time! I have several friends who are now buying the flour as a result of eating this amazing bread at my house.
    The finished loaf has an amazing, nutty flavour and none of the ‘stodgy’ density usually associated with more flavourful breads. Excellent in every aspect.

  31. Francesca J Black

    I first bought the Eight Grain at my local Coop, and following the recipe produced delicious bread every time. I also use the wholemeal, and sometimes mix the two half and half. I have now bought some of the baguette flour for summery loaves. Will report back! Sadly the Coop no longer stocks it, so us local enthusiasts now have to have it delivered, which is a great service but I’d rather not have to house such large quantities.

  32. janhouldcroft

    Used this flour a few years ago and were able to buy by calling in at the Mill Shop and sometimes when Aldi stocked it. Stopped making my own bread in the last two years and have recently restarted. Loved the flour before and having tried other grain flour, I still think this is the best. Fantastic results every time, making bread in my Kenwood mixer.

  33. Nicky Sharp

    Lovely flour ! Bread is delicious.Sandwiches have never tasted better

  34. Christine Harrison

    Excellent bread flour, used to get it from add a but to far to travel now easier to go direct to source,any other bread flour spikes my blood sugar .easier to make my own.!

  35. Jeremy Budd

    Love this flour makes a fantastic loaf of bread
    Would not have anything else
    My wife found it at Aldi and we thought we would give it a try , so glad we did
    As long as you make it we will continue to use it

  36. Danny Wallace

    Been using this flour for about 3 years. It makes a lovely crummy loaf with a nice crust and a wonderful flavour.

  37. Adam

    Delicious. Rises well. Recommended by a friend and will definitely be buying again.

  38. Robert Chandler

    Excellent flour great taste consistant results

  39. Nicky Sharp

    First time of trying the multi seeded flour and absolutely delighted with it! Bread is lovely, yum yum

  40. Susan R

    Like many others, I first became aware of this Eight-Grain flour at Aldi: I bought it and loved it. Each time they had it in stock, I made sure to buy a few bags. I also tried the malted grain which was nice enough, but this was definitely my favourite. Sadly Aldi don’t stock this flour often enough so I decided to buy it online direct from this company – really good value, expecially when buying 5 x 1.5 kg bags means there is no delivery charge! Opening an account then buying the flour was a painless process and confirmation of the order and sale was sent to me very promptly. Delivery was within a week, which was good, but my only quibble is that there was no hint about the time or date of delivery. I checked my account each day to see if it showed “dispatched” or “on its way” but even on the day of delivery, my order was still “being processed/processing”. Happily I was at home when the flour arrived, but a little warning that it was “out for delivery” or “on its way” would have made this order perfect. That being said, it wouldn’t stop me ordering again.

  41. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Carrol, glad you like making bread using the Eight Grain and Cotswold Crunch. We do promotions a couple of times a year with Aldi and Lidl so they don’t permanently stock our flour. But yes always available online! THanks again

  42. Sarah Fortes

    Well that is great to hear! We certainly will, and thanks for baking with our flour.

  43. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Elaine, that’s great to hear and glad you’ve found a good mix of the flour that works for you. Yes it is possible to order a mixed pack of five with us, if you give our sales team a call we would be very happy to sort that for you.

  44. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Deidre, happy you managed to find the Cotswold Crunch up in Yorkshire and still using it make you bread with! We do love to hear about our customers baking success!

  45. Elaine

    Certainly the best multigrain flour we’ve found! Texture and flavour are both very good. I sometimes substitute a proportion of wholemeal flour for a change. I also second the suggestion Dave made in December 2018 when he asked if you would consider selling packs of 5 different flours, perhaps it’s something you’d consider?

  46. guthriemail

    5 stars! I’ve baked this 8 grain flour for several years, and it’s always consistently delicious.
    An old lady, 100 last year, says it’s keeping her alive! Carry on the good work, chaps!

  47. carrol2009

    Carrol Davies January 2019.
    I make all my own bread and have been using this flour for several years, for me and my family it’s perfect. It has a lovely texture and the soft grains make it a healthy option. I have also used the Cotswold Crunch and the oat flour both were good but the 8 grain is our favourite. I have decided to buy on line now as my stores such as Lidl and Aldi are not reliable in stocking this particular flour.

  48. Susan Gummer

    This is the second time I have ordered five bags of the 8 grain flour it is just perfect. I follow the recipe on the bag and make it by hand and it works every time. It is a surprisingly light flour and make a lovely wholesome loaf. Speedy delivery and well packaged with minimum plastic (I would prefer plastic free)

  49. sue_glaisher

    This is my all time favourite flour for flavour and texture. I’ve been making my own bread for years and this is, without doubt, the very best flour I have ever used. A perfect loaf every time.

  50. Deidre Morris

    Found this, and their Cotswold Crunch, when we lived in Gloucester 16 years ago. The Co-op sold it then. Both made lovely traditional hand-made bread (I don’t use a machine) with a real flavour and plenty of ‘chew’. When we moved to Yorkshire 12+ years ago I was so relieved to find I could have it delivered, as nothing I could buy locally compared to it. I started making sourdough bread 18 months ago, and it is brilliant for this – lovely flavour, good texture and so satisfying to eat. Because it has lots of ‘chew’ I find I need less to sastisfy my hunger, BUT am tempted to go on eating just because it tastes so good! I found the Cotswold Crunch less suited to the sourdough process, but it still makes a great ‘ordinary’ bread.

  51. jjpsharpe

    Makes a great loaf enjoyed by all of the family.

  52. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Graham, thanks for letting us know that you got your flour supply online OK. We are always happy to help if you can’t buy locally, or we do sell on Amazon too so you should always be able to get some.

  53. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Dave, we are delighted to hear you have had such great results using our Eight Grain Flour. Yes do try our Cotswold crunch as an alternative when you can. We do love to see your baking results so if you do post any photos on social media then don’t forget to tag us!
    Thank you once again

  54. Dave

    I have been baking bread on and off for quite a long time now but decided to try this after reading all the excellent reviews on the 8 grain flour and must say that I was not disappointed.
    I always make bread by hand and found that it kneaded well, had a good rise and baked well with a nice crust, texture and flavour so will certainly be purchasing some more in the future. It would be nice if you could maybe purchase 5 different flours on the same order as I do enjoy experimenting with different combinations but saying that once I run low I will maybe try the Cotswold Crunch.

  55. Graham Baggott

    I have used Eight Grain flour for many years. Unfortunately I find it very difficult to purchase in my area, Suffolk. I ordered a large supply online, requested a good long “Best Before Date” and was duly supplied with just that. Thank you very much Matthews for the excellent customer service.

  56. Bertie Matthews

    Barry thanks a lot for your support! I hope you continue to enjoy. Bertie Matthews

  57. tandpg01

    First bought a bag of Cotswold Crunch at Lidl the bread was really good but when I asked for further supplies was told that it was a one off. I got on to Matthews and bought a case of the crunch. The bread made with it is the best I’ve ever tasted. However this time have tried the Eight Grain with the same results. Absolutely love it. Tom Grant

  58. barry.moss

    Hove used the product for many years firstly through a local supplier. When they stopped stocking it (worse decision they ever made) I contacted the factory and have ordered the flour regularly and will continue to do so. Best on the market bar none.

  59. Sarah Fortes

    That’s great Peter, glad you get such good results.

  60. Sarah Fortes

    Thank you Tessa, so glad you are able to order easily online. Happy baking

  61. Tessa Stone

    Have been using Matthews flour for over 5 years. Used to buy from Waitrose but they no longer sell it. There loss. Now buy on line. Service is quick and reliable.

  62. Pete Randall

    This is an excellent product. It makes the best breakfast toast I’ve ever had and also gets great acclaim from our dinner guests. No matter whether its bread is hand made or from our bread maker, it comes out consistently well.

  63. malspires

    This is a brilliant flour and make superb bread with a lovely flavour. I orginally bought this flour from a stall at Burford open weekend some years ago and then found it again in Aldi but unfortunately it is not readily available, last week when browsing on the internet I found I could buy directly from yourselves. I shall now be using it regularly.

  64. John Lennox

    Love this flour , makes great loaves in a bread maker.

  65. John Lennox

    Love this flour , makes great loaves in a bread maker.

  66. Tessa W

    I love this flour – it makes a foolproof loaf in my bread maker, is seedy and tasty without being too heavy.

  67. Peter Mayle

    Makes a real tasty loaf, currently our favourite flour.

  68. Mrs Gillian Daker

    This is the second lot of flour I have had, and would recommend it to anyone. I still make bread the old fashioned way, and have had no problems with it at all. The order arrived quickly, and the price is very competitive.

  69. Gwyneth Wynn Uí Ghaora

    Wonderful flour – lovely taste. Works perfectly in the bread machine on the wholemeal setting.

  70. Peter

    I have been using this for several years, and would have to be chained up to stop me buying it! Because our local stockist sometimes has had problems in getting it for me just when I want it, I now buy direct from Mattews – and the price including delivery costs works out as nearly the same, overall.

    I originally used a bread maker, but the loaves were a bit too big for just the two of us, so I now mix it in a machine, and then prove and bake it in a fan-oven, two 1-and-a-bit kg tins at a time – one to eat now, the other in the freezer. I never am disppaointed with the taste & texture – and all our visitors of all ages are always impressed.

    Here’s my recipe then – 945 gms flour into mixing bowl and mix at setting two with 2 tsp sugar : 2.75 salt ; 7 gms dried fast action yeast (1 sachet) : 4 tbsp olive oil. Slowly add 570 gms slightly warmed water and mix for 7 minutes. Prove in tins in pre-warmed oven at about 80 degree for 35 minutes. Then remove to area above main oven and heat latter to 180 degrees (fan assisted) which gives it about 45 minutes proving altogether – bake for 35 minutes.


  71. John Hawkins

    Was recommended this flour to make our own bread by My Weight Matters run by Essex County Council.Originally got from Aldi but as other reviewers have said only available as special offers.Since then I have ordered direct from FWP Matthews.Sevice is briliIant. Flour is brilliant and we now have bread that is light and tasty.By the way we are still losing weight.

  72. David Wainwright

    I took delivery of the 5 bag variety pack yesterday and thought I’d try this in my Panasonic SD-2501 machine. It smells like heaven in my house at the moment. I notice some of the above had trouble with their machines, here is what I did.

    350g flour, 7g dried yeast, 7g salt, splurge of olive oil, 210ml water. chucked it all in machine in that order and set the machine to medium size extra crusty white loaf, perfection.

    Can’t wait to try the other flours.

  73. Lana

    Congratulations! I would love to post this on our Social Media platforms if this is ok with you? If so, please email me directly –

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Lana Petrie

  74. Anne Bell

    Like other reviewers, I buy this flour whenever it pops up as a special buy in Aldi. I use it to make a Swedish style rye and caraway bread from Ruby Tandoh’s “Crumb” book. I just replace the 600g of a mix of three different flours with 600g of Cotswold Eight Grain.

    Yesterday I won the cup for the best exhibit of bread in the West Yorkshire Organic show with this loaf made from Eight Grain. Thank you.

  75. Jez

    First bought this at aldi and we were amazed at how good this is sadly aldi stopped selling it so we bought a 16kg sack direct from fwp Matthews really pleased to be able to get this and we would recommend anyone to try it you will not be disappointed

  76. Lana Petrie

    Hi Margaret,

    Our flour in Aldi are only special offers, although we will be back with a new offer in August!

    You can always buy our flour online, or via Amazon where the delivery charge is cheaper. However, we do have a “Local Stockists” map that you can use to find the nearest place that stocks our flour.

    Many thanks

  77. Margaret Gallagher

    I bought this flour at Aldi, use it regularly for my Irish soda bread, best I’ve ever used! Will I still be able to get at Aldi in North London. Nono there all week. Love the 8grain . All delicious Thank you!

  78. Pete

    I first found this brand of flours in Aldi when I purchased the Cotswold Crunch.It made a lovely granary style loaf in my bread maker – of course ‘granary’ is a trademark. I bought the wholemeal flour and made dough in the bread maker before my first ever attempt at making burger buns – there was honey in the recipe and this shone through making a delightful bread. I ate the first (rather large) bun as it cooled without any extras – it was just moorish. I have since made a small loaf from their ‘eight seed flour’ and this is just as scrummy. I love it toasted for breakfast. I am stuck for choice now – ‘granary’, seeded or simple brown – maybe I should ask the audience. Whatever, it’s a winner and will definitely rise to the occasion.

  79. James Tillotson

    Love these flours and some Asdas stock it. It’s on offer too.

  80. Lana Petrie

    Hello Joanne,

    I am sorry to hear about this. If you email this issue to, we can then send it off to our Technical Sales Manager, who will be able to help you.

  81. Joanne

    Hi, i followed the bread machine recipe offered on this site for the 8 grain loaf and the bread just didn’t work. The recipe suggests a 5 hour setting which my machine to my knowledge doesn’t have. I have a Morphy Richards Fastbake machine, can anyone recommend a recipe please?

  82. Anthony O’Sullivan

    I started my own sour dough culture about six months ago,just started using this flour for my sourdough bread. It makes the best loaves ever. Compared to the commercial flours I’ve been using. Thanks.

  83. Jim Porter

    Made the first loaves today. Unfortunately I had to go out before trying it but it looks fantastic. I’ll be having some with my dinner though.

  84. Andrew Morgan

    I use it in a Panasonic machine makes a great loaf all the family adore it

  85. Nadine Herrington Porter

    This flour is amazing. All of the flour selections are marvelous. We will be visiting the Mill Shop soon as Aldi doesn’t have any more!

  86. Bill Longworth

    First discovered the “Eight Grain flour”, at Aldi on special offer. I bought a 1.5kg bag and made a loaf. This is the best bread flour that used. Just received my second order 16kg bag, long may the mill continue.

  87. Anne Chivers

    Great for making Soda Bread. It is a shame I cannot get it locally. Got one bag from Aldi to try, went back two days later for more and guess what – it had all gone.

  88. Sylvia Lawson

    What a great product, along with the others in the range. I have tried them all and had great success with every loaf.

    Only problem is, availability in my area!

    I will certainly be looking out for them again.

  89. colin

    makes a great loaf

  90. Janice Thomas

    This bread flour was a bit of a discovery and one i shall be reordering. It makes really tasty, nutty flavoured bread with a great texture.

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