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Cotswold Farmhouse Wholemeal

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Our conventional roller ground strong wholemeal flour is a premium grade, 100% extraction wholemeal flour with an exceptionally high protein level. This strong wholemeal flour is suitable for the baking of tasty wholemeal bread loaves and rolls.


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Our 100% wholemeal flour is a strong bread flour which can be used on its own or mixed with a white bread flour. Our wholemeal flour is a premium grade with 100% extraction which gives it an exceptionally high protein level. This is one of the “Bakers Core 4” essential for all home and professional bakers.

Contains: wheat

Perfect for: Bread, pancakes, tortillas

Delivers: A careful balance of nutrition and great wholemeal taste.

Milling: Traditional milling

Provenance: Cotswold milling, UK grains.

Protein: 13.5%+

Recipe Recommendation: Any leftover bread would be perfect in a traditional bread pudding!

Wheat Origin: Canada & Great Britain

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10 reviews for Cotswold Farmhouse Wholemeal

  1. David Hartley

    Flour makes good bread. Delivery during COVID-19 excellent & much Appreciated

  2. C Osborn

    An excellent wholemeal flour. I use it mixed with other flours in the range when making bread. Good taste, texture and the resulting bread toasts well and has a good crumb and crunch

  3. Val Normington

    Strong Wholemeal & Canadian great white both excellent hiccup with order but with covid-19 nothing unexpected, well done, flour makes fantastic bread 10 star 5 for each. Well done again and thank you.

  4. Derek Mason

    Again as the stoneground, this flour was also very tasty. Made my loaf by hand and had good results. Overall a lovely flour.

  5. Jack Matthews

    Hi Amanda, thank you for the feedback! Sorry to hear you feel let down by our delivery service, so we can investigate this in more detail would you be kind enough to email us your last order number? Our address is


    BAT team

  6. Amanda Timms

    Makes a very tasty loaf, I have used this in a bread machine to make 100% and 50/50 wholemeal loaves. I would choose this over other brands.

    However thier are currently limited options with delivery. So as thier is no control over delivery days I’m not able to order this product again.

    ***** 5 stars for flour
    * for delivery.

  7. Terry williams

    Excellent flour when combined with T55 flour, I find 250g T55 plus 150g whole meal plus butter 1 desert spoon 325 ml water combined butter and yeast in my bread maker I do the mix cycle twice putting in my tsp salt on 2nd mix always turns out well soft and lite will not use any other flour always gets good feed back. Terry

  8. malspires

    I have used Matthews flour for bread making but this is the first time I have purchased this particular flour and I have to say mixed with the 8 grain flour it make a lovely flavoured bread.

  9. Adrian Brown

    Mixed with 8 grain and a live sour dough culture, we feed our B&B guests the resulting bread all year round. It is that good that many have asked for the recipe and taken some live culture with them!

  10. Pete

    I first found this brand of flours in Aldi when I purchased the Cotswold Crunch.It made a lovely granary style loaf in my bread maker – of course ‘granary’ is a trademark. I bought the wholemeal flour and made dough in the bread maker before my first ever attempt at making burger buns – there was honey in the recipe and this shone through making a delightful bread. I ate the first (rather large) bun as it cooled without any extras – it was just moorish. I have since made a small loaf from their ‘eight seed flour’ and this is just as scrummy. I love it toasted for breakfast. I am stuck for choice now – ‘granary’, seeded or simple brown – maybe I should ask the audience. Whatever, it’s a winner and will definitely rise to the occasion.

  11. Sylvia

    Mixed 50/50 with the Cotswold Crunch flour this makes a very well flavoured loaf in a breadmaker and would doubtless be just as good for those who have the time to make it by hand. Don’t be put off by the ‘Crunch’ in the other named flour, the bits in it are very kind to teeth!

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