Cotswold Maizebite Flour

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Maizebite a blend of plain flour and maize flour to give a crisp golden coloured pastry, particularly suitable for sweet products.

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A premium blend of plain flour and maize flour which produces a golden coloured, crisp pastry perfect for both sweet and savoury bakes.

Contains: wheat, maize

Perfect for: Golden coloured pastries, mince pies, shortbread and other pastry.

Delivers: A perfectly crisp pastry every time.

Milling & Provenance: Hand selected local Cotswold soft wheats from our Cotswold Grain partnership, milled on the roller mill.

Protein: 9.8%

Recipe Recommendation: Perfect for party food – mini tarts, quiches, sausage rolls!

Wheat Origin: Great Britain

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

One bag 1.5kg, Five bags 7.5kg

Flour Type

Plain & Self Raising Flour


Culinary & Cake Flour, Biscuits, Viennoiserie baking

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21 reviews for Cotswold Maizebite Flour

  1. Jack Matthews

    Hi Peter, thank you for your lovely comments about the Maizebite, we love it too! Seeing as Christmas is upon us there is nothing better than home made mince pies! Don’t forget to tag us in any photo’s on social media with our hashtag #flourpower


  2. Peter Flanagan

    Just topped up our supplies of Maizebite. Found it a few years back and always re-order. Its been an eye-opener. Makes fabulous biscuits, shortcrust pastry too. We use it for pancakes also, and particularly for wonderful savoury breakfast tortillas! Always great results.

  3. Jack Matthews

    Hi Steven, thank you very much for your lovely comments – we love the Maizebite here, especially at Christmas time it makes wonderful Mince Pies – have you tried using our Maizebite to make shortbread biscuits? They are a firm favourite in the office! Unfortunately we do not have someone here called Ian but “Merry Christmas” from everyone here at FWP Matthews!

  4. Steven Palmer

    I used to be a pastry chef many years ago, I find this flour very good for all types of pastry based desserts. At this time of year mince pies are great this time I couldn’t get the flour anywhere so I actually bought five bags from the mill just so I could make 30 mi9nce pies.

    I use all their flours for all my bakery goods I make at home just wish I lived back in Bourton on the Water where I could go and pick it up in person.

    (Do you have a senior manger called ‘Ian’ who used to work at The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys? If so could you tell him ‘Merry Christmas’ and I now live in Weston Super Mare where my new wife and I live, please?

  5. Jack Matthews

    Hi! Maizebite is a blend of plain flour and maize flour, so if you are using it for cakes then baking powder would be needed! Maizebite makes wonderful pastry, mince pies, toad in the hole…the list is endless! Don’t forget to send in your photos and tag us on social media with the hash tag #flourpower


  6. T

    is Maizebites a plain or self raising flour (should I add baking powder?)?

  7. Jack Matthews

    Hi Tess, we are big fans of the Maizebite too! Have you tried using it for toad in the hole? This is a new discovery in the office and went down a storm! Don’t forget to send us any photo’s of your makes or tag us in any social media photos!


  8. Tess Mason

    Truly amazing biscuit and pastry flour – a beautiful fresh taste and makes a pastry that doesn’t crack when rolling. Shortbread biscuits a real hit.

  9. Jack Matthews

    Hi Kathryn, we love the Maizebite flour just as much as we love Mince pies! Have you tried using the Maizebite for toad in the hole? This was a new discovery by the team and went down a storm and just in time for the cold weather! Don’t forget to tag us in any social media photos with our hash tag #flourpower


  10. Jack Matthews

    Jan, you are on a roll! Have you tried using Maizebite for toad in the hole? This is a recent discovery by the team and went down a storm!

    Happy baking!


  11. Jack Matthews

    Hi Maurizio, thanks Maizebite is a great for mince pies at Christmas too!

  12. Kathryn Wilson

    As your flour is not available at my local Aldi at the moment I have made a bulk purchase and ordered 5 bags direct which I will be sharing with friends as they all love your flour too. The Maizebite makes the best biscuits and pasty. The order was processed and arrived very promptly. I shall be making mince pies this year with this lovely flour.

  13. Happy baker

    Definitely makes the best crispy pastry ever. After using maizebite you will never return to ordinary plain flour for pastry.

  14. Maurizio Ballirano

    My favorite flour when it comes to pastry and quiches. Always excellent results.

  15. Diane Holden

    My 5yr old granddaughter and I, will be making our 3rd batch of Shortbread biscuits, using Maizebite on her next visit. Everyone loves them.

  16. Sarah

    Maizebite flour, is really is a fantastic flour for crisp pastry, made a Spanish Tuna Gallega and it was fab, highly recommend

  17. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Kathryn, that’s wonderful to hear, don’t forget that if you can’t find it in Aldi, you can always buy direct from us. A few of you could club together to buy a 5 x 1.5kg pack.
    Happy baking!

  18. Kathryn wilson

    What amazing flour. I came across your flour by chance in Aldi and used it to make some biscuits for colleagues at work. Everyone loved them, they were so light and crispy, thanks to uour flour. My colleagues are now all planning to make a trip to Aldi to get buy some flour for themselves.

  19. Liz S

    Best pastry flour ever. Crisp and tasty.

  20. Mrs M King

    I have only just discovered the maizebite flour and decided to make pastry for almond slices with it.
    I hate to spoil baking and was reluctant to try it.
    I must say that the resulting pastry was the best I have used in over 50 years of baking. I could almost count the layers of air in it and it stayed crispy for days longer than my previous flour.
    This was the reason for my second purchase. I would prefer to buy bags singly but am happy to have a good supply of it. I couldn’t find any in stock i my usual supermarkets.

  21. Bertie Matthews

    Dave thank you so much for your comments. Love to see you baking pics on our facebook page! Bertie Matthews

  22. Dave Rischmiller

    This is a fabulous pastry flour, takes your sweet and savoury pastry to another level, wonderfully crisp and easy to work. I have also used it with Plain flour at a ratio of 1/3 to make a samosa pastry and it produces excellent crisp, easily worked and thin samosa pastry.

  23. julie cottrell

    Love your maizebite flour,but seems not to be available anymore on Amazon. Please could you help,I’m wanting to buy at least 15 x 1.5 bags but your postage is so expensive, when it was on Amazon the postage was free. We have to pay nearly a third more ( £ 9.60 ) to buy it direct from you,Seems a bit unfair to your customers.
    looking forward to you reply

  24. Lana Petrie

    Hi Christine,

    I’m so glad to hear that you love our products. Our flour is available on Amazon, where the delivery charge in cheaper and I believe you can purchase them in singular bags.

    Many thanks

  25. Christine Saberi

    Like others in “reviews” I too bought Maizebite flour from Aldi and was sorry when I had used up the last of it. But I am so pleased to read that Aldi is to have it in again in March (2016). If I could have a wish come true I would ask that you could sell it in a lesser number than 5 bags as they would have exceeded their sell by date long before I could use the lot. Perhaps my wish has come true and I can now go along to Aldi and purchase it there.

  26. Jack Matthews

    Hello Anne,

    We will be back in ALDI stores in early March with four of our product lines (Maizebite, Cotswold Crunch, Eight Grain and TIPO 00). However we do sell all 16 of our 1.5kg flours on Amazon at a cheaper price than our website.

    I hope this is of help.

    Kind regards

    FWP Matthews

  27. Anne Mattocks

    I stumbled upon the Maize Bite Flour by chance in an Aldi Store. Bought some and made pasty’s and sausage rolls. Well compared to other flour’s I have used, this is far the best. Since it is not in Aldi’s all the time, I ordered 10 pkts from FWP Matthews. It was here the next day. Their bread flour is great too. So I will be buying from them direct in the future. Cannot recommend this variety of flour’s enough. The Eight grain and Cotswold Crunch is so tasty in bread.

  28. Alex Saward

    Firstly to Sarah Cooke-O’Neil, Aldi do have Matthews flour now and again so don’t despair, it will be back on the shelves, just keep checking. I use Eight Grain to make loaves to the recipe on the bag, works every time and makes excellent bread.
    I have a bag of Maizebite and am not too sure what to make with it, the only recipe on the Matthews website is for shortbread biscuits, does anyone have any recipes they could pass on please.

  29. Brenda Dillon

    Always prided myself on pastry making. This flour however has taken it to a new dimension, amazing.
    Cooling in the kitchen are 2 apple pies, golden and crispy.
    Can’t wait to make my mince pies, might have an early test run!
    Ordered 5 bags from a well known on line shop, giving a bag each to my daughter & daughter in law, to spread the word.

  30. Sarah Cooke-O’Neill

    I bought this in ALDI over the Summer in (Ireland) and I’ve fallen in love with it, sad thing is, you can’t get it anymore and I don’t think you can buy it in Ireland, lets hope it’s shipped to Ireland 🙂

    I used Maizebite in a Frangipane tart and discovered it helps keep a lovely crisp base, stops it going soggy, lovely short, crisp texture to my pastry!

    I shall be recommending this in my blog, The Creative Yoke (

  31. Margaret Tillott

    Made the best sausage rolls ever. Wonderful crispness of pastry….no soggy bottoms. Jam Tarts were exceptional and all down to the flour…….Been baking for 60years and wish I had found it sooner

  32. Jeanette Peters

    Just happened to come across your wonderful flour, pastry was lovely and light and don’t think my cooking has improved that quickly so it must be down to this wonderful flour, will definitely be purchasing another!

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