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Organic Cotswold Crunch

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Organic Cotswold Crunch Flour is a speciality blend of organic strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes.


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Matthews Organic Cotswold Crunch flour a speciality blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. The flour has a nutty taste and a signature darker colour. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes.

Perfect for: Organic bread and rolls

Delivers: a flavoursome option for bread

Milling & Provenance: Carefully selected Organic wheat is separated from every stage of the process to ensure its certification as Organic. Free from enhances and other additives.

Contains: Organic wheat, malt flakes, malt

Protein: 12%

Recipe Recommendation: Perfect for rustic Organic bread recipes with a rich hearty flavour and free from preservatives and additives.

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21 reviews for Organic Cotswold Crunch

  1. Marcus Welsh

    My preferred flour for our weekly loaf, generally mixed with 20-25% white for some added ‘lift’ with a good dose of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy etc.). I use a sourdough base with this flour for the ‘sponge’ adding a mix of flours for the kneading.

    With a bit more time on my hands I’ve recently incorporated and overnight proving period, makes a huge difference in the finished loaf!

  2. Rhona

    This flour is excellent for both hand and machine baking. Consistent loaf, with light texture and very tasty. FWP provide excellent delivery service and customer service. Thank you!

  3. Jack Matthews

    Hi Malcolm, we love mixing the flours together and seeing what we come up with! Don’t forget to send in photos of your makes and tag us in any social media with our hash tag #flourpower

    Happy baking!


  4. Malcolm Hastings

    Love this flour, It tastes amazing . The 50:50 loaf is a great everyday loaf. I blend the Crunch with all sorts of other flours and it always adds something to the finished bread. Of course its wonderful that it is an Organic product.

  5. Jack Matthews

    Hi Beverley, thank you for your lovely comment – we love the Organic Cotswold Crunch too! Have you tried blending it with another flour to create a 50/50 loaf? In the office we love the Organic Cotswold Crunch combined with our new Canadian Great White!

    Happy baking!


  6. Beverley Staunton

    There is no contest with the quality and goodness of this flour. You can taste the goodness in every bite of the bread made with it. Just how bread should taste – delicious. Another more than satisfied customer!

  7. Philip Henry

    I have been using this flour for many years. Originally from a local farm shop until they stopped stocking it, then mail order. This makes wonderful rolls. Like other reviewers I add about 20% strong white flour for a lighter texture. Friends are always impressed.

  8. Jack Matthews

    Hi Celia, thank you for your lovely comments, we are big fans of the Organic Cotswold Crunch too! Have you tried our Maizebite? The Maizebite gives bread a wonderful golden colour…and pretty good mince pies too!


  9. Celia Higgs

    I’ve been using this flour for a while as it is tastier, and better for my teeth, than granary. I use 200g of white and 300g of crunch in my bread maker to make dough which makes 10 good sized rolls of very tasty and good textured bread. I started buying Matthews flour from my local Waitrose as living in the Cotswolds I was keen to buy local produce and was disappointed when they stopped selling it. So I am now very pleased to be able to buy it direct.

  10. Sarah Fortes

    Hello David, great to hear, happy baking!

  11. David Saddington

    Discovered this excellent flour by chance. The taste is wonderful. After failing to find any retailers within 50 miles, ordered a 5 pack online…….
    arrived promptly, free delivery. If you want a perfect loaf, this is the fellow.

  12. Noel O’Dowd

    This is the best “mixed” flour there is !
    I get all the credit when I bake a loaf for friends …. but it is all down to the flour. As with Phillip’s comment earlier – I mix 2/3rds crunch with 1/3rd organic white to get a really light loaf with fantastic taste.

  13. Sarah Fortes

    Hello Phillip, so glad you like using the Organic Cotswold Crunch. Also that you have found a good combination of the flour which gives good results!
    Happy baking!

  14. Philip Henry

    I love this flour. I could once get it locally but they stopped stocking it. I am now happy to buy 5 packs mail order. I prefer to mix it with one third strong white flour and two thirds Cotswold Crunch. This give a nice light texture but still with the same great taste.

  15. Sarah Fortes

    Hello John, we are delighted to hear you like the Cotswold Crunch, it’s a definite favourite here too! Look out for the Cotswold Crunch in Aldi in November (not the organic version). Happy baking!

  16. John Smith

    We have used almost all the range of FWPM flour and this is our favourite. Hope the website can be changed. We ordered from Ireland, but had to input an UK postcode for the billing address. Delivery is not a problem because we have a mail forwarding service. Delivery arrived promptly. Happy customers!

  17. Clive Allen

    I have used many artisan flours in recent years but this was my flour ‘find’ of 2017. Brilliant tasty bread, love it.

  18. Alan Glover

    This flour produces possibly the tastiest loaves I have ever baked. I came across it on a short term offer in a supermarket recently and loved everything about it, particularly its malty flavour. I have just ordered three bags online and cannot see that I would ever tire of baking and eating this bread. So far I have only used the recipe on the bag, scaled down everything to make a 500g loaf and it has come out perfect every time. Looking forward to trying the other flours I ordered at the same time.

  19. Stephen

    Best flour ever. We haven’t eaten much else in 10 years. I usually put in either about 10% rye or 10% spelt,plus a good handful of mixed seeds. Both have the effect of decreasing the size of the loaf while increasing its density (keeping other ingredients the same). I have to keep my foreign holidays short as I miss our bread so much!

    Stephen – Jan 2017

  20. William Kerr

    always use this flour – worth the delivery cost – produces fantastic bread which I cannot match in a shop… my third sack – love it, an Matthews always helpful – thaks, Bill Kerr, Sussex

  21. Yvette Radford

    This is a really tasty organic flour that never ever fails in my breadmaker. I used this lovely flour today and added 2 tbsp poppy seeds and 1tbsp each of pumpkin seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds. Wow! what an amazing taste and texture. Thank you Matthews.

  22. David Smith

    A great organic flour that makes fantastic bread using our breadmaker recipies. I sometimes mix it with the premium white flour when I want less of a crunch. The outcome still tastes great.

  23. Lana Petrie

    Hi Helen,

    Please try Amazon. I believe they open our packs of 5 and sell them singularly, plus the delivery charge is cheaper.

    Many thanks,


  24. Helen

    I have been baking my own bread for over 30 years, so I consider myself a bit of a flour expert, and this flour (Cotswold Crunch) is the best flour there is!
    My only regret is that I can’t buy it locally ( it was briefly stocked in a local Aldi) and have to buy in bulk online

  25. Robin

    I have just made two loaves with this. One for me & one for my mum who is no longer able to bake. She loves her bread and this is what has just got me started.

    OMG although this is only my second attempt a break and was by no means perfect, the flavour from this flour is just awesome. Highly recommended.

  26. Terry Poole

    FWP Mathews’ Organic Cotswold Crunch and 8 Grain bread flours are among my favourites and I would compliment you on your helpfulness and advice re: suitable Breadmaker recipes, which can be ambiguous in the instruction books. Your recipe using Cotswold Crunch is superb – many thanks.

  27. Gareth Richards

    I’ve been using this flour for two years now and it makes wonderful rolls, excellent for the lunch box.

  28. Mr Mclauchlan

    Excellent flour, makes really delicious bread and big bonus that its English and organic! Many thanks.

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