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Cotswold Self Raising Flour

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Our white self raising flour is ideal for producing the perfect light and springy cakes, and for general use. We blend a variety of high quality soft wheats, adding baking powder to be mixed consistently throughout the flour, to produce the ideal ratio of flour and raising agent.

Our 1.5kg single bags are now available to buy online! We still need to fill our shipping boxes (which fit 5 bags), so please select any 5, 10, 15 bags… or any multiple of 5!

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Premium grade self-raising extra white flour with an added raising agent to give an extra rise to your bake. Easy to use, with fantastic results every time. One of the “Bakers Core 4” essential for all home and professional bakers.

Perfect for: cakes, sponges, pastries.

Delivers: A light and airy flour, silky texture holds moisture in baking.

Milling & Provenance: Added sifting during the milling process allows for a purer whiter premium Self-Raising Flour. Hand selected local Cotswold soft wheats from our Cotswold Grain partnership.

Protein: 9.5%

Recipe Recommendation: Why not try making a chocolate and beetroot cake?

Wheat Origin: Great Britain

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14 reviews for Cotswold Self Raising Flour

  1. magda

    Please fell free to send us some pictures ,we would love to see them . 🙂

  2. Terena Slocombe

    Wonderful light and tasty Blueberry Muffins made. I will be making a coconut cake next. Really pleased with this superior flour and would recommend it.

  3. magda

    Hi Janet ,
    Thank you for the kind comment .
    Self Raising flour a great choice for Victoria sponge !!
    Happy Baking 🙂
    Please tag us in any social media 🙂

  4. Janet

    Excellent flour. Far superior than anything I have bought from supermarkets. The Victoria sponge is the lightest I have ever
    made. Thank you for all your hard work during this very difficult time.

  5. magda

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your kind comment !!
    we are glad to glad to hear you and your husband love our Self Raising as we do !!
    Happy Baking 🙂

  6. magda

    Hi Jane
    Thank you for your comment .
    Our Self Raising Flour is perfect for scones and sponges !!
    Please tag us in any social media and fell free to send us some pictures ,we would love to see it .
    Happy Baking 🙂

  7. Jane

    Bought this flour to make scones & Victoria sponge. Both turned out beautifully. Light, springy & very moorish!!

  8. g chrysafi

    So glad I found your web site and manged to buy some of your self-raising flour. Wonderful, so light; my husband thought they were the best cakes i have every made in the 60+ years I’ve been baking.!

  9. Laura

    Hi Celia, thank you for the kind feedback – we are big fans of cake in the office so please do send us some photos!

    Happy baking!

  10. Celia Evershed

    This is the best self raising flour I have bought. It is so light and makes beautiful cakes. I bought lots so will work my way through making lots of cakes.

  11. Laura

    Hi Carolyn, you are on a baking roll! We are big fans of cake and biscuits in the office!

    Happy baking!

  12. Carolyn Turner

    Really enjoy using this flour. It makes lovely cakes and biscuits.

  13. Laura

    Hi Judith – wow, thank you for lovely feedback! Your chocolate cake sounds like absolute heaven, please do feel free to send us some photos – we love seeing everyone’s bakes!

    Happy baking!

  14. Laura

    Hi Christine, we love the Self Raising too – if you have any photos of your bakes please do feel free to send them to us!

    Happy baking!

  15. Christine Dallimore

    Lovely fine flour for baking. Very good service. Thank you for your hard work in these difficult times.

  16. judith mudie

    I have been baing all things for 50years + and my chocolate sponge now is on a different plane!! light,tasty and moorish, even i love it, up until now only ever had 1 slice, all that has changed. I cannot wait to try all my other cakes, scones etc. I’M only going to use this flour. I’m going to try the plain flour once available. many thanks judith mudie

  17. Laura

    Hi Debora, thank you so much for your lovely comments, we really appreciate it! Please do feel free to send us any photos of your bakes – we love to see them!

    Happy baking!

  18. Deborah Keech

    I do a lot of baking and have to say Matthews Self Raising Flour is by far the best flour I’ve used to date, having tried many. I will no longer be trying any other brands. The delivery service is excellent particularly under the present circumstances we find ourselves in and the shelf life is brilliant so having to buy five bags as a minimum order at the moment is no problem. I will now be a regular and long term customer. Thank you so much!

  19. Laura

    Hi Pamela, thank you for the lovely feedback – we love the Self Raising too! Please do feel free to send us photos of your bakes, we love to see them!

    Happy baking!

  20. Laura

    Hi Jennifer thank you for your kind words! Please don’t forget to tag us in any social media photos with our very own hashtag #flourpower!

    Happy baking!

  21. Jennifer Honeywell

    Bought the self raising flour. Very easy process and kept well informed about delivery progress.
    Flour is wonderful, hopefully can continue buying this after lockdown as much better than The branded flour I usually buy From the supermarket. Thanks you very much for your help.

  22. Pamela150350

    Thank you for my lovelyBrilliant flour. I’m now spoilt for any other flour.

  23. magda

    Hi Annette,
    Self Raising is perfect for cakes and sponges !!!
    Enjoy baking with Matthews Flour !!
    Please tag us in social media and please fell free to send us some photos – we would love to see them!

  24. Annette

    I never realised that SR flour could be so different! I have always used a reputable brand bought in a supermarket but turned to this when it was hard to get supplies. It’s made a huge difference to my cakes and scones, you really can see the difference in the rise and the evenness of the end result!

  25. Laura

    Hi Meg, thank you so much for the lovely feedback we really appreciate it! Please do feel free to send us any photos or recipes – we love to see them!

    Happy baking,


  26. Meg

    Fabulous flour… truly. I bought some for myself, and found the quality to be outstanding, so soft and light, into the realms of never experienced such quality before! I dropped some flour off to my Mother, who has been baking for over 60 years and she could not stop singing the praises of this flour, she says we must keep buying it, the quality is so much better. It really makes a difference to the end product, thank you

  27. AlisonTC

    Thank you for your kind comment!!
    The quality of our products is very important to us !
    Your scone sound amazing please sent us some photos .

  28. Pauline

    This flour is fabulous! Today I was using the last of my self-raising flour from a high street store and in another bowl I was using this flour as I was making 2 batches of scones. The difference in the flour was amazing. This was really light and fluffy and I can taste the difference in the scones and can’t wait to make a Victorian sponge with this. Great service from this company as well during lockdown. I am sure you have won over lots of new customers. I came across your brand when I started to shop at local shops and they stocked your flour so I decided to check you out online. What a great array of flour available. Looking forward to trying out some more! Keep up the great work.

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