100% Canadian Strong White Bread Flour

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A workable strong white dough

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Matthews Canadian Great White flour is a premium strength white flour milled from quality imported Canadian wheat. The flour produces a strong flexible dough down to the natural strength in the Canadian wheat proteins.

Perfect for: Boosting your bread making recipes, and sourdough.

Delivers: Very strong bread flour due to natural high protein level in wheat.
Traditional roller milling

Provenance & Milling: Premium imported Canadian wheat, roller milled in the Cotswolds.

Protein: 14%+

Perfect for: Bread, rolls, sourdough

Contains: Canadian wheat

Recipe Recommendation: Ideal for a high protein loaf suitable for long fermentation breads. Mix with Eight Grain for a strong multi grain loaf or use with a Rye flour recipe.

Wheat Origin: Canada

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

One bag 1.5Kg, Five bags 7.5kg

Flour Type

Strong Bread Flour


Bread, Sourdough

Bag Size


10 reviews for 100% Canadian Strong White Bread Flour

  1. Bertie Matthews

    7.5Kg total

  2. Bertie Matthews

    John, i like your idea and once things have calmed down a bit i am on it. Bertie

  3. Sharon

    Just used this for my latest sourdough loaf and got a really excellent loaf. Better than the loafs in the last few months with different flour

  4. Jay

    Fantastic! Cannot recommend enough.

  5. Nigel

    Used the flour to make Sourdough Bagels and Pretzels. Able to increase water % which made for a really good texture and the colour was excellent

  6. Brian

    Really good flour, excellent results and very consistent. WIll be buying again as soon as the shop is open.

  7. christopher wanless

    Excellent flour for sourdough, looking forward to trying a Nordic Pulla Bread with it.

  8. John Rees

    Bought Matthews flour from ALDI, in the middle, in the past and always bought some when it appeared. Delighted as selfisolating to be bale to buy it online. Service under present circumstances was very good – just a shame they don’t sell yeast! Have made bread rolls, flat breads and miniloaves. It really is super flour and I’m sure that once things are back to normal I shall continue to buy it. Bought the Cotswold Crunch as well – had that before. Also lovely. One bright idea might be to have packs of five different flours which would encourage ‘sampling’. I have had most of them but easier to tick one box – as if I had no time on my hands. All power to Matthews and their staff.

  9. Sara White

    We regularly use the eight grain and love it. We bought this for a change and even though it does not say you can use it in bread makers, we did and it is lovely!
    Going to try and make rolls with it next time as it is quite airy and I think it will work well.

  10. Laura

    Hi! A question, is it 5 bags for 7.5kg each, or is the 7.5kg the total?

  11. Sales Matthews

    Hi Alison, thank you for your kind comments, the Canadian is proving quite a popular flour!

    Happy baking!


  12. Sales Matthews

    Hi Betty, thank you for your lovely comments – we are big fans of the Canadian flour too!

    Happy baking!


  13. Betty Lamb

    Excellent flour. I get consistently good results with this, so am very happy 😃

  14. Alison Ellis

    My third loaf is almost ready to come out of the oven! This flour is amazing in reliability, texture and most of all flavour. I’ve jut ordered another five bags! Heartily can recommend this flour.

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