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Cotswold Premium Strong White Pizza Flour


Strong White Bread flour, with good stretch – perfect for pizza, flat breads and bread baking.

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Strong White Bread Flour. Specialist high protein blended wheat means the dough has a superior gluten quality that creates elastic dough perfect for stretching pizza bases. This helps the dough to get exceptional hydration and the ultimate pizza crust.

Contains: Wheat

Perfect for: Pizzas, flatbreads, bread baking

Delivers: A workable elastic dough for perfect pizza

Milling & Provenance: Specially imported premium wheat varieties combined with grade 1 high protein Cotswold wheat then roller milled.

Protein: 11.8%

Recipe Recommendation: Although not essential try a long leavening of 24 to 36 hours at a temperature of 2-3 Celsius. Ensure a pre heated oven and get creative with your toppings!



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