Cotswold Stoneground Light Rye


Health Benefits of Rye:

Rye is said to be high in core vitamins and minerals like fibre and manganese. If you are looking to lower your gluten intake, then Rye typically has a lower gluten content than wheat. It is often referred to as a “Supergrain” due it heart-healthy high fibre content.

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Cotswold Stoneground Light Rye flour is a lighter coloured white flour for rustic looking rye bread recipes. Produced from local rye grain grown and milled in the Cotswolds the grain is finely milled to produce a more refined rye flour than its Dark variant. This flour is perfect for stand along baking producing a light loaf than dark rye or blending with Spelt and Wheat flours.

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Ancient Grain, Strong Bread Flour


Bread, Rye Bread

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