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Cotswold Stoneground Dark Rye

(9 customer reviews)


Dark Rye Flour easily produces an authentic 100% rye bread, rich in colour, with a traditional full flavour and excellent shelf life.

Our 1.5kg single bags are now available to buy online! We still need to fill our shipping boxes (which fit 5 bags), so please select any 5, 10, 15 bags… or any multiple of 5!

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Cotswold Stoneground Dark Rye flour is a wholemeal Rye flour used to produce delicious rye breads and with a dark dense character. Produced from local Cotswold Rye grain the texture of the flour is a dark greige colour creating a denser bread than used from wheat flour. This flour is also available in light rye.

Perfect for: Rye bread, sourdough, even scones!

Delivers: A traditional full flavoured loaf

Milling: Traditional stoneground rolling

Provenance: Wholemeal Rye grown in the Cotswold. Rye grain has been grown since the middle ages.

Protein: 10>11%

Contains: Wholemeal Rye

Health Benefits: High fibre and Magnesium alternative to wheat.

Recipe Recommendation: Combine with a sourdough starter to make the perfect Rye Sourdough. Or looking for something less dense? Combine with Spelt or a strong white flour.

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9 reviews for Cotswold Stoneground Dark Rye

  1. jane chilvers

    Hi, Order this bread without realising that it needed to be mixed with other flour. Does anyone have a reliable recipe for a bread maker please. Thanks in advance

  2. magda

    Hi Pat ,

    Thank you for your fantastic feedback !!
    Dream customer !!
    Thank you for your support 🙂

  3. Pat Guy

    Well, I felt a bit of a dare devil when ordering dark rye from you! I’ve always enjoyed the taste of rye bread when abroad but thought it was going to prove too difficult for me to work with – in the past I have produced some poor quality loaves which have been like cannon balls. Not so with Matthews Rye, which produces wonderful bread when mixed with strong white or 8 grain. I want to have all your flours and feel compelled to be baking ALL the time! I limit myself to a loaf a day. So many flours, so little time! Thank you for your beautiful products and efficient service.

  4. magda

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your fantastic feedback !!
    We really appreciate your comment because quality is very important to us !!
    All the best for you and your sister <3
    Please tag us in any social media.

  5. magda

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your nice comment !!
    Happy costumer – we love it !!!
    Enjoy baking with Matthews Flour

  6. Mrs Beryl Otvos

    Used for my favourite bread recipe which uses a mix of white bread flour, this dark rye flour and caraway seeds. The taste is like a sour dough bread but without the need for the usual starter. Taste was superb!

  7. Elizabeth Scott-Gliba

    IT was your dark rye flour that lead me to discover FWP Mattews in the first place. It was so extraordinarily beautiful tasting when I used it in my bread making that I started using it in a mix with your Churchill White for scones, pancakes and pastry. I have never had a failure and feel it makes an average baker appear very accomplished! Most recently I have been tackling sour dough baking and again I feel much of my success depends on the very high quality of this particular product! Also thank you to all of the FWP team who have been patient, polite and have unstintingly gone the extra mile over the past few difficult months. Many, many thanks from myself and my sister with whom I share all my purchases (she is also a fan!)

  8. Gill iden

    Hi Laura – do you have an email address I can send photo to. Thanks

  9. Laura

    Hi Gill, thank you for your lovely feedback and well done for mastering a sourdough! Please do send us some photos 🙂

    Happy baking!

  10. Gill Iden

    Makes a great, tasty, loaf. So glad, during lockdown, I have started making sourdough bread with flour from this mill. Thank you.

  11. Laura

    Hi Alan, thank you for your lovely feedback – we love it when every one experiments with our flours, please do let us know how you get on and send us some photos!

    Happy baking!

  12. AlanDavid

    State of the art packaging ! And an excellently robust and tasty rye flour, Having abandoned my bread making machine a few years ago ( and now a convert to the electric fan oven ) I’m indulging my creativity with a variety of rye inventions !

  13. Pippa

    I was so happy to receive my delivery of rye flour…my rye starter was looking a little hungry! Lovely flour that makes a fantastic. tasty dark rye loaf and also brilliant in recipes that use a mix of rye and other flours.

  14. AlisonTC

    Hi Christian,

    Thank you for the nice comment.
    We are a big fan of the Dark Rye too .
    Please feel free to sent us any photo or tag us on any social media .

  15. Christiane Lellig

    Wonderful flower for traditional German style rye sourdough bread. Makes my day every day.

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