Eight Grain Flour


Health benefits of Multigrain flour:

Multi grain flour combines the diverse benefits and nutrients of each grain. By combining grains, the protein and fibre content is higher than standard flours. Making it easier for your next multi grain loaf to taste and feel incredible.

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A special blend of 8 grains combined to produce a rich strong white flour. Mixture of Malted wheat flakes, Rye flakes, Oat Flakes, Maize, Linseed, Millet, sunflower seed, barley and wheat. selected blend of strong white Eight Grain flour, flakes and seeds creating a delectable full flavour and high fibre product. This wholesome flour is ideal for baking bread and rolls producing excellent results every time.

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Weight 16 kg
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Strong Bread Flour


Bread, Multigrain Bread

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