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Premium Heat Treated Cake Flour


Master high ratio cake making flour for maximum moisture absorption.

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Our premium very fine high ration cake flour for maximum moisture absorption. This soft flour has been heat treated to allow the addition of high levels of sugar and liquid into your Cotswold Flour cake recipes. This helps gives your cake recipes a soft crumb combined with a light, moist and fine texture that is also sweeter.

Perfect for: High ration cake recipes, madeira cake, muffins, layer cake, swiss rolls and high ration sponges.

Delivers: A finely milled consistent white dough, capable of absorbing high levels of liquid and sugar.

Milling & Provenance: What is heat treated flour? Heat treated flour has been heated to 100 to 110 degrees during the heat treatment of the flour. Gelatinization of starch granules occurs during the heat treatment of flour allowing starch granules to absorb more water. Starch granules swell with water adding viscosity to batter and stabilization to the baking process. This helps the flour absorb more moisture and helps to prevent the protein content forming gluten when the flour is hydrated. Flour is ultimately a raw live ingredient; Cotswold Heat Treated Flour was designed to reduce the build-up of Pathogens in flour during its life. Heat treating flour is a way of treating the flour as an alternative to chlorinating and irradiation.

Nutrition: Research has suggested that Heat treated flour can be potentially better for the digestion of protein than in non-heat-treated raw flour. During the heating process this improves the palatability of the finished baked goods. Cotswold Heat Treated Cake flour can be a good alternative in some parts of the world to chlorinated bleached cake flour.

Contains: Wheat

Protein: 9%

Wheat Origin: Great Britain

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