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Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Flour

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Strong Stoneground Wholemeal – a strong wholemeal flour, which has been stoneground to create a wonderfully wholesome flour perfect for wholemeal breads.

Our 1.5kg single bags are now available to buy online! We still need to fill our shipping boxes (which fit 5 bags), so please select any 5, 10, 15 bags… or any multiple of 5!



Traditionally stoneground milled wholemeal strong bread flour. Milled using a blend of high protein hard Canadian wheat highly regarded for its superior milling and baking quality. One of the oldest types of bread flour, wholemeal flour keeps a higher amount of the nutritious value of grain than other flours.

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4 reviews for Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Flour

  1. magda

    Hi David ,

    Thank you for you lovely feedback!!
    Happy Baking !!

  2. magda

    Hi Donald,

    Thank you for your kind comment ans support !!
    Please tag us in any social media and fell free do send us some pictures !!
    Enjoy Baking with us !!

  3. Donald

    Lovely handling, texture and taste with your STONEGROUND STRONG WHOLEMEAL FLOUR. Recommended.

  4. David Brown

    A lovely flavoured wholemeal, I make a slightly lighter loaf by substituting 100g of white flour with 400g wholemeal to make a 500g loaf.

  5. Laura

    Hi Sheila, thank you for your lovely feedback and what a great idea! Please do send us some photos of your bread – we love to see them!

    Happy baking!

  6. sheila wingate

    perfect flour. bought 16 kg bag. shared with my daughter. have easy bake machine and we have made super loaves every time. beautiful light flour. we mix with white . when we run out of white will be coming for that as well. lovely and fresh will never buy from shop again

  7. magda

    Hi 🙂

    We are happy for you !!
    Happy baking !!
    Please tag us in social media and please fell free to send us some photos – we would love to see them!

  8. SueyM

    Fed up with not being able to buy wholemeal flour anywhere, so ordered a 16kg bag. I’m so happy! Just hope my ancient bread-maker doesn’t peg out before I use it all! Great tasty wholemeal flour that works well in all combinations – ie mixed with white; added walnuts for crunch; sunflower seeds, linseeds, poppy seeds, and maple syrup instead of sugar. Perfect as dough to prepare your own style bread rolls/loaves, and as a loaf letting the bread-maker do all the hard work.

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