In order to get flour to as many customers as possible, we have reduced our stock availability and set a minimum order of each flour to 5 x 1.5kg bags, this fills one shipping box. We will return to selling single bags when we have upscaled sufficiently to meet demand.

Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Flour

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Strong Stoneground Wholemeal – a strong wholemeal flour, which has been stoneground to create a wonderfully wholesome flour perfect for wholemeal breads.




Traditionally stoneground milled wholemeal strong bread flour. Milled using a blend of high protein hard Canadian wheat highly regarded for its superior milling and baking quality. One of the oldest types of bread flour, wholemeal flour keeps a higher amount of the nutritious value of grain than other flours.

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One bag 1.5kg, Five bags 7.5kg

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5 reviews for Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Flour

  1. Dominic Evans

    Very pleased with the flour, I have used it 50/50 with the white and the loaf has a nice crumb and has a delicious flavour. The delivery service was great, well boxed and the 5 bags were also wrapped in polythene.

  2. michael shaw

    During the lockdown I discovered this website and was lucky enough to buy both the strong white and wholemeal flour. I’m glad I did. Since then I made great tasty bread using your recipes which has proved to be very popular at home. Just love the smell of bread cooking in the oven in the morning. highly recommended

  3. Janet Kendall

    Excellent flour, very tasty

  4. Derek Mason

    It was an excellent wholemeal flour very tasty

  5. Maureen Strange

    Found it to be excellent

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