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Ultimate Bread Bakers Box

A limited edition box of ten of our favourites:

  • Cotswold Crunch Flour
  • Eight Grain Flour
  • Strong White Flour
  • Canadian Great White Flour
  • Stoneground Wholemeal Flour
  • White Spelt Flour
  • Dark Rye Flour
  • Italian 00 Flour
  • French T55 Flour
  • Pizza Flour
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Due to the resounding success of our mixed combo boxes so far, we’re putting together another limited addition special for the baking fans out there. This time with ten of our most popular flours!

  • Cotswold Crunch Flour – A speciality blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes.
  • Eight Grain Flour – A special carefully selected blend of strong white Eight Grain flour, flakes and seeds creating a delectable full flavour and high fibre product. This wholesome flour is ideal for baking bread and rolls producing excellent results every time.
  • Strong White Flour – A bakers grade strong white flour, suitable for bread and rolls. A good, all-round flour for a range of products.
  • Canadian Great White Flour – A workable strong white dough
  • Stoneground Wholemeal Flour – A strong wholemeal flour, which has been stoneground to create a wonderfully wholesome flour perfect for wholemeal breads.
  • White Spelt Flour – Rich in flavour spelt is superb for bread making and speciality pastry. Stripped from its coarse outer layer to end with a smooth white flour. Great healthy option with it being easier to digest rather than normal flours.
  • Dark Rye Flour – Easily produces an authentic 100% rye bread, rich in colour, with a traditional full flavour and excellent shelf life.
  • Italian 00 Flour – This is an Italian style 00 Flour, ideal for all types of pizza bases. The wheats used for this pizza flour are hard wheats with a protein level slightly lower than your standard bread flour resulting in a smooth flavoursome flour.
  • French T55 Flour – A French bread making flour using 100% French wheat for an authentic product. This T55 bread flour is ideal for making delicious baguettes with the fine airy texture identical to baguettes originated from France.
  • Pizza Flour – A premium blend of quality white flour. Perfect for white pizza bases with extra stretch and delicious crust, as well as bread baking.

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