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Cotswold Stoneground Light Spelt

(13 customer reviews)


Rich in flavour spelt is superb for bread making and speciality pastry. Stripped from its coarse outer layer to end with a smooth white flour. Great healthy option with it being easier to digest rather than normal flours.

Our 1.5kg single bags are now available to buy online! We still need to fill our shipping boxes (which fit 5 bags), so please select any 5, 10, 15 bags… or any multiple of 5!

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Cotswold Stoneground Spelt flour is a smooth white flour milled from UK grown ancient grain spelt. Spelt is a highly nutritious and healthy option, compared to wheat, it is packed full of fibre. Cotswold Spelt is a perfect all-purpose healthy baking flour that produces delicious bread, cake and biscuit recipes.

Perfect for: Bread, Cakes, Pasta and pastries

Delivers: A healthy and nutritious lighter texture in baked goods and works well as a substitute in recipes that call for all-purpose flour.

Milling & Provenance: Traditional Stoneground milled, Spelt grown in UK, Milled and milled in the Cotswolds.

Protein: 11%

Contains: Spelt (ancient grain)

Recipe Recommendation: Mix your spelt into your next recipe for a fibre boost. Combine with Cotswold Crunch, or Rye to lighten your next bake. Makes a delicious (and healthy) banana loaf!

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13 reviews for Cotswold Stoneground Light Spelt

  1. magda

    Hi Jane ,
    Thank you for the lovely comment .
    We appreciate the kind words and thank you very much !!
    Enjoy baking with Matthews Flour 🙂

  2. Jane Pennington

    I buy the flour and my husband bakes the bread! Spelt is our favourite loaf and the pandemic meant we had to look further afield for flour as the supermarket shelves were empty when we needed it. Matthews came up trumps for us and the baker in the house commented that it makes a really lovely soft dough. I wouldn’t know about that myself but I know it makes beautiful bread! Thank you to all the team at Matthews.

  3. magda

    Hi Trevor ,

    Thank you for your fantastic comment .
    always happy to help and Rescue 🙂
    Enjoy baking with Cotswold Matthews Flour

  4. magda

    Hi Lucy ,

    Thank you for your lovely comment !!
    American pancakes sound delicious.
    Please tag us in any social media please feel free to send us some pictures !!

  5. Lucy

    We used your spelt flour to make American pancakes this morning and they were very tasty! I look forward to using it for pizzas in the wood fired oven.

  6. Trevor

    I have used spelt flour for years but was unable to purchase any during lockdown. Fortunately, Matthews came to the rescue. I made my first batch of rolls using this flour and the results are very good.
    My only criticism is it’s called Light Spelt not white. Light Spelt is sold by an upmarket supermarket and contains a mix of white and whole wheat which I mistakenly thought this was. No matter, I add the wholewheat.

  7. magda

    Hello 🙂
    Thank you for good feedback !!
    Please do send us some photos of your bread – we love to see them!

    Happy baking!

  8. Hugh Morton

    This was our first time using your Spelt flour. The flavour is delicious and the texture we achieve in a bread maker is excellent when using a rapid bake mode. We shall be back for more! Must try some of your other products when they become available.

  9. Laura

    Hi Neal, thank you so much for your kind feedback! Please do let us know how you get on with your future bakes – we are always on the look out for new ideas!

    Happy baking!

  10. Neal Andrews

    This was my first purchase. Excellent flour, which I bought to replace Strong White in my breadmaker. I mix with Dark Rye for a very tasty loaf. Looking forward to making other stuff to see how it compares to Strong White. The packaging/delivery was great also. Multipacks arrived in a very sturdy box, containing 10×1.5kg bags. I love all the graphics/branding also. Really nice experience.

  11. Laura

    Hi Flavio, thank you for your kind comments! We are big fans of the Spelt too, we love how tasty it is with the added benefit of it being kind to tummies!

    Happy baking!

  12. Laura

    Hi Gina, thank you for your kind feedback – all your baking sounds very yummy! Please do feel free to send us some photos – we love to see what everyone bakes!

    Happy baking!

  13. Gina Barrett

    This light white flour is really very good, I am glad I found you and this.
    I make bread with half wholemeal spelt and white spelt, since using your white spelt flour my loaf rises more than ever. I also have made cakes , muffins and scones etc. all have been good. So I am looking forward to trying your wholemeal spelt as well when you have some in stock. Thank you.

  14. Flavio Graser

    My wife and I are wheat-intolerant, so spelt flour is our preferred option. We tried a few brands, but Matthews Cotswold one is THE spelt flour. Great quality, good price!

  15. Gillian TaylorAllen

    Love this flour, very versatile. Have used it for cakes (makes fab living 10 day Herman cakes) and pastry’s. Also hand made bread. Cannot fault it, a good thing from lockdown was finding you 5*’s.

  16. Laura

    Hi George, thank you for the feedback – what a fab idea and sounds very yummy! Please do feel free to send us some photos of your bread – we love to see them!

    Happy baking!

  17. Laura

    Hi Rosalind, thank you for the lovely feedback! If you ever need a recipe please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team and they will be more than happy to help!

    Happy baking!

  18. Rosalind Bayfield

    Useful general purpose flour. Makes good cakes, but haven’t quite got the bread recipe right yet!!

  19. AlisonTC

    Hi Daphne,
    Thank you for the fantastic feedback !!
    We are looking forward to your next order 🙂
    Please tag us in social media and please fell free to send us some photos – we would love to see them!

  20. Daphne

    Excellent white spelt flour one of the best I have used. I made soda bread which rose well and tasted very goo and also some spelt and honey cookies. Excellent. Use by date is very good as I bought the 7.5k pack. Very pleased and will order again. Delivery was delayed but that was not the millers fault.

  21. George F

    First time I have used Spelt, I mixed a third of whole meal flour with the it and found it makes a very good tasty loaf . The texture was good and not dense as can happen with all whole meal.

  22. Laura

    Hi George, thank you for your lovely comments – we are big fans of the Spelt too! Please do feel free to send us any photos of what you make and tag us in any social media!

    Happy baking!


  23. George Bulmer

    This spelt flour is superb. It mixes well with the wholemeal to produce good loaves and great baps. Having found Matthews I intend to remain a regular customer. I took up baking several years ago when our local bakery (Kinseys) closed and it is great to find a family company that is well run and has great quality product. You get what you pay for. So true.

  24. Laura

    Hi Michelle, Spelt is a great alternative especially when you have digestive problems so it is great to hear how much it has helped your family! Please do feel free to send us any photos or recipes of what you make!

    Happy baking!


  25. Michelle

    I enjoy using the White Spelt because of the consistency or texture of the dough it produces. Although we still eat shop-bought baked goods made with regular wheat, I use Spelt partly as a means to give our digestive systems a break from modern wheat. I have family members who have had digestive problems improve by using only Spelt in their baking. I was happy to be able to source this flour online after waiting for availability. The flour I received has a best before date of one year. It won’t last that long in the cupboard.

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