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Cotswold Flour Recipes

We are on a mission to promote baking of all kinds, encourage new bakers by sharing knowledge and develop new ideas and recipes for the next generation of bakers! Check out our favourite recipes using our flour.

FWP Matthews News

Baker of the Week – The Baking Explorer

Congratulations Kat you are our star baker of the week! Thank you for taking some time to answer our questions. How did you first get into baking? Like many of us, I was inspired by The Great British Bake Off to start baking. I challenged myself to make one thing off every episode of the show and I did that for 4 years, so I got

Baking Bread

9 Best Bread Flours Unveiled!

With a wide variety of exceptional baking flour available on the market, choosing the right flour for the type of bread you want to bake can be somewhat of a chore for new and intermediate bakers. To help you choose the perfect flour type of your baking needs, we’ve highlighted

Dark Rye Flour

6 Baking Recipes Using Rye Flour!

Holiday season is just around the corner and there’s no better way to enjoy the company of your family and friends than cooking or baking together! Here are six baking recipes using rye flour you can try with your loved one! Homemade Rye Bread Ingredients 20g of dry yeast 21g


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