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Cotswold Flour Recipes

We are on a mission to promote baking of all kinds, encourage new bakers by sharing knowledge and develop new ideas and recipes for the next generation of bakers! Check out our favourite recipes using our flour.

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Which Flour Should I Use for Sourdough?

Any flour that contains starch is suitable for producing sourdough, since starch and sugar is what microbes feed on. Glutinous flours, such as Churchill Flour or our Strong White Bread Flour combined with spelt flour, rye flour and wholemeal flour, tend to work best for producing sourdough. In this blog


What Is All-Purpose Flour and What Is It Used For?

All-purpose flour is a versatile and general-use wheat flour. It is milled from hard red wheat or a blend of hard and soft wheats, typically at a 80:20 ratio. As the name suggests, all-purpose flour is suitable for all types of baked goods, such as bread, biscuits, pizza, cookies, muffins,


The Matthews Cotswold Flour Guide to The Cotswolds!

Here you will find some of our favourite local Cotswold villages, details of the best pubs and bakeries within 5 minutes of the Cotswold Flour mill and some interesting facts about our flour provenance. Shipton Under Wychwood Home to the beautiful Matthews Cotswold Flour Mill where all of our 60+


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