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Cotswold Flour Recipes

We are on a mission to promote baking of all kinds, encourage new bakers by sharing knowledge and develop new ideas and recipes for the next generation of bakers! Check out our favourite recipes using our flour.

FWP Matthews News

Organic Strong White Flour

Top 6 Questions about Bread Flour Answered!

Bread flour is one of the most popular flour types in the household because of its texture and flexible usage. You can bake a wide variety of pastry using bread flour and the texture of the baked goods is consistent and brilliant. While bread flour is commonly used by professional

Strong white flour

5 Brilliant Baking Recipes Using Strong White Bread Flour!

We’re always exploring new recipes using different types of flour. This month, we want to share our favourite recipes using strong white bread flour! Strong white bread flour is a type of wheat flour that’s rich in calcium carbonate, iron, niacin (B3), and thiamin (B1). Strong white bread flour is


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