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Taste Great Awards 2020

Great Taste Awards 2020!

By | Flour

We’re incredibly grateful and excited to win all eight entries in the Great Taste Awards 2020! We’d like to thank our beloved customers for the continued support! Matthews Italian Tipo ’00’ Flour The judges initially made grissini with this finely milled flour and found the dough to be ideal for…

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Sourdough Bread

11 Easy Steps On How to Make Sourdough Starter

By | Flour

A sourdough bread recipe consists of four main ingredients: Flour Water Salt Wild yeast Before digging into details on how to create sourdough starter, let’s talk about yeast. Before active-dry yeast or instant yeast became a household staple, people used to use wild yeast. Many bakers preferred using wild yeast…

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Dark Rye Flour

Do You Know These 4 Health Benefits of Rye Flour?

By | Flour

Rye contains a myriad of core vitamins and minerals such as potassium and manganese. Moreover, rye has a lower gluten content than wheat, which makes bread made out of rye flour ideal for those who want to consume low gluten content. However, while rye flour has less gluten than wheat…

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Cake Flour

6 Questions About Cake Flour Answered

By | Flour

Cake flour is a flour that is incredibly finely milled from soft winter wheat. Cake flour has a lower protein content, and is finer, lighter, and softer than all-purpose flour. It’s also bleached, so the color is paler and the grain is less dense compared to other types of flour….

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Wheat ripening

Wholemeal, Whole Grain, Whole Wheat, Whole What?

By | Flour

The terms wholemeal, whole grain, and whole wheat are used interchangeably in different countries. In the UK, people refer to full grain related products as wholemeal, while people in the United States refer to these products as whole grain or whole wheat. While these terms have similar definitions, there are…

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White Spelt Flour

What’s Spelt Flour and When Should You Use It?

By | Flour

  What’s spelt? Spelt is a type of digestible ancient grain that’s a primitive relative to wheat. Spelt is often referred to as dinkel wheat or hulled wheat and its scientific name is Triticum spelta. Spelt and wheat have similar nutritional content and both contain gluten. For every 100 grams,…

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